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Corner Fireplace Design

Corner fireplaces mantels flummox many people. It’s just not that easy to plan how to lay out your furniture with a corner fireplace. These days, most people wouldn’t deliberately build one into their home. But if you buy or rent a new abode with a corner fireplace, these design tips will help. Continue reading


Hanukkah Fire Traditions

Hanukkah, the eight-day Jewish festival of lights, starts December 12 this year. Since Hanukkah has so many fascinating connections to fire – and at Old World Stoneworks, fire is our specialty – this week we’ll delve into this cultural and religious celebration. Continue reading

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COMPANY NEWS: Special on Overmantels

Once upon a time, an overmantel served as a smoke chamber to direct smoke out of your house. Nowadays, that’s not necessary. But an overmantel is still an eye-catching aesthetic choice that gives any room a powerful focal point. You can pair our overmantels with any of our mantels and be confident you’ve made a great choice. We’re happy to modify them for the width and height you need. Continue reading

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This Old House episode 1 recap

We’ve always been fans of the PBS series This Old House. But now that one of our very own fireplace mantels will be featured this season, we are absolutely glued to our television sets. Since we’re so proud of being a part of the show, we’ve decided to do episode recaps leading up to the episode that will feature our Amhurst Mantel. Here’s what happened on day one. Continue reading

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Carbon Monoxide and Fireplace Safety

At Old World Stoneworks, we know there’s nothing better than enjoying your home fireplace. Since our customers’ safety is always first in our minds, this week we want to share information on how to prevent a hazard sometimes caused by a poorly maintained chimney: carbon monoxide poisoning. Continue reading

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Remembering the Titanic

Modern Americans usually think of April 15 as tax day. But it’s also the anniversary of something even direr: the sinking of the RMS Titanic. This week marks the 104th anniversary of that tragic event.

At Old World Stoneworks, we want to pause for a moment and remember that 1,517 people – more than two-thirds of the passengers – died after the ship hit an iceberg.

We also want to remember the beauty of the ship itself. Continue reading

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Saint Patrick’s Day Mantel Decor

Saint Patrick – birth name Maewyn – is Ireland’s patron saint. But his celebrations were more staid in Ireland. It wasn’t until Irish immigrants started flooding into the US that the parades and parties we now associate with Saint Patrick’s Day were born.

The March 17th  holiday is now celebrated in many parts of the world. In Illinois, 40 pounds of Kelly green dye tint the Chicago River. In Monserrat, West Indies, people combine Saint Patrick’s Day with the commemoration of an attempted slave revolt, and party for an entire week. Flamenco dancers drink Guiness at Cabo Roig, the site of Spain’s biggest St. Patrick’s Day parade. From Quebec to Tokyo, Moscow to Auckland, everybody wants to be at least a little bit Irish on March 17th.

At Old World Stoneworks, we get in the spirit with special mantel décor. Here are a few ideas for a special Saint Pat’s themed mantel display. Continue reading

Fireplaces for All-Season Rooms

What separates an all-season room from a sunroom? Climate control. While a sunroom is pleasant only when temperatures are moderate, the right heating and cooling options keep your all-season room as enjoyable in December as it is in June. And what is absolutely the most pleasurable and romantic way to heat a room? You guessed it: a fireplace. Continue reading

Expert Tip: Designing Around Your Fireplace

Your fireplace is the perfect addition to your home’s aesthetic that not only adds to your décor but adds monetary value as well. While it pays off in dividends, why not make it look as attractive to your home’s design as possible? Here are some tips to design around your fireplace. Continue reading

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Décor to Match Your Personality

Tips on How to Find the Right Fireplace to Match Your Décor and Style

A person’s home is an intimate reflection of their lifestyle, passions and above all, personality. If you look around you, does your living room or kitchen have elements that match how you live your life? Find your personality type below for ideas on how to refurnish, renovate or add new architectural anchors like fireplaces and stone range hoods to put a piece of yourself into a space and truly feel at home. Continue reading

“Green” Remodeling

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, we thought we would do a spin on the color green by helping you “Go Green!” Instead of celebrating this Irish holiday by painting every corner of your room green, we want to provide you with tips and tricks to help you, “Go Green,” with eco-friendly practices and remodeling ideas!

Continue reading

Five Fireplaces We Love

Last week we featured trending fireplace designs to inspire change during the season of new beginnings: Spring! At Old World Stoneworks, we love bringing a touch of elegance and helping homeowners discover new styles. So this week, we want to get your creative senses going with five fireplaces we can’t get enough of.

Continue reading