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At Old World Stoneworks, crafting beautiful cast stone fireplace mantels has been our passion for decades. We cherish the process and feel that every cast stone fireplace surround has a story to tell. Charm and elegance combined with the feeling of old-world sentimentality by a cast stone fireplace mantel will help create lasting family memories. No matter the style you’re after, we’re sure to have the perfect cast stone fireplace surround design for your home.

Cast Stone Fireplace Surround FAQs

At Old World Stoneworks, we make our beautiful cast stone fireplace mantel surrounds from manmade stone modeled after Indiana limestone. Also known as Bedford limestone, this type of natural stone is the highest quality quarried limestone in America.

Sometimes, it’s very hard to tell cast stone from real limestone. Case in point: The Egyptian pyramids. For centuries, everybody assumed they were built with blocks of solid limestone. But scientists have recently begun to think the pyramids were built with an early form of concrete composed of limestone, lime, clay and water. Scientists analyzing the pyramids found that they had a higher water content and other traits more consistent with cast stone than naturally occurring stone. At Old World Stoneworks, we say, if cast stone was good enough for the ancient Egyptians – whose work has lasted 4,500 years – it’s good enough for our cast stone fireplaces.

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Cast stone is an imitation stone made of Portland cement, chemical admixtures and aggregates such as quartz, limestone, sand or granite.

Cast stone is easier to create and mold versus natural stone needs to be quarried and cut. Cast stone can be colored depending on design demands and replicated throughout a building.


Limestone is found all over the world. It’s a type of sedimentary rock. That is, rock that’s formed when mud, sand and pebbles get cemented into layers, often in bodies of water. Limestone contains the minerals aragonite and calcite, and is composed of bony fragments of marine organisms. Its relatively uniform structure, texture and composition make it a good building material. 


No. Precast concrete is simply colored concrete and is usually associated with a wet poured method that helps to create the clean edges and dense stone. It’s a construction product created by casting concrete in a mold and curing it in a controlled environment, rather than pouring it at the construction site.


At Old World Stoneworks, we’ll be the first to admit that humans can’t improve on the beauty of natural stone. However, there are times when natural stone is best for the job, and times when cast stone works better.
First, let’s look at natural stone. Each stone is unique. Colors, patterns and veining vary from stone to stone. It’s durable and low maintenance, but natural stone requires more skilled labor for shaping and installing pieces, and the cost can be high.
The uniqueness of each natural stone is both a pro and con. With cast stone, the designer can control factors such as which aggregates to use and which pigments to add to determine the color. This versatility is a big plus. Cast stone is weather resistant, averse to moss and can be manufactured to weigh less than natural stone for special projects. Cast stone is easier to install than natural stone and usually costs significantly less.


At Old World Stoneworks, we use a vibratory tamping method and make our cast stone by mixing a dry mixture of finely grated aggregates and silica sand with a bonding and hardening agent. In a mulling machine, we add this mixture to water. The result? A beautiful cast stone that’s as dense and durable as natural limestone.

We love to make our customers happy with a beautiful product for an affordable price. Are you ready to upgrade to a cast stone fireplace surround? Call us today. We know you’ll be satisfied with our cast stone products.


Our products are manufactured in Dallas, TX and shipped by common carrier to almost everywhere in the continental United States. Your truck driver will not take the crate off the truck for you. We always ask that the trucking company use a lift-gate truck for delivery, but this is not always possible, so please have 2 or 3 men ready to unload the crate(s) from the trucker’s tailgate. In rare cases where the location is remote or in residential areas that do not allow large trucks the customer may have to arrange secondary delivery. If you are not ready for shipment from our factory at the date specified on your invoice, we can hold your order up to four weeks, provided the order is paid in full.

Our Man-Made Limestone to Cast Stone Mantel

At Old World Stoneworks we fabricate our man-made limestone to emulate Indiana limestone also known as Bedford limestone, recognized to be the highest quality quarried limestone in the United States. Using a man-made limestone is a cost-effective alternative to natural limestone while still maintaining the inherent characteristics to our cast stone mantel surrounds.

Why Choose an Old World Cast Stone Fireplace
If you have a unique project that requires custom sizing, we can accommodate most requests to make your cast stone fireplace work for you. Often, we are able to alter the mantel in such a manner that we retain the integrity of the design while fitting your individual needs. If you do not find what you’re looking for from our selection of cast stone fireplace mantels, we will be happy to give you a bid on your custom design. We’ll bend over backwards to help one of our cast stone fireplaces mantels satisfy your projects stipulations. We encourage our clients to request a free sample of our cast stone material to ensure satisfaction. 

“Many thanks for the months of work and planning you helped to put into our new fireplace purchase. I appreciate your patience and attention to detail as well as your genuine concern in helping us choose the right style for our new home. We are so very happy! The Conrad was the perfect size and fit in our den!” – Nicole M. | Flower Mound, TX