Patch kit mix:

Review the installation video. You will need to provide either white Portland cement or white sandless grout mix from your local home improvement store.

When mixing the sand, acrylic modifier and water, mix only enough for the repair. (It might be possible to mix it in the palm of your hand.)

Make the mix about the consistency of cookie dough, not runny.

Make sure stone area to be patched is thoroughly wet when you apply the mix.

Smooth and pack repair with spatula or trowel.

Wipe away any excess patch material from stone immediately with damp rag. Allow to dry for two days, misting the patch 3-4 times lightly on the first day.

If the patched area appears lighter than the adjacent stone when thoroughly dry, first lightly acid wash then feather in the browns and whites from the watercolor set until you replicate the color of your stone.

Repeat this process until area matches the stone. If you have any questions please call for technical support at 800-600-8336