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5 Fireplace Seating Ideas for Your Living Room

Now is the perfect time to look ahead towards fall and plan your most important home lounging space: fireside seating. At Old World Stoneworks, we’re connoisseurs of ways to curl up with a book, entertain, or cuddle our favorite canine close to the hearth. Your ideal fireplace seating depends on your personality and passions. Here are five ideas for the upcoming cool nights of autumn, to help you find your fireside personality: Continue reading

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Art Focus: Understanding Printmaking

For those of us who love our fireplaces, decorating our mantels and the surrounding area is irresistible. Often this involves finding the perfect piece of art to hang above a mantel — to make a statement, to tie a room’s décor together, or just because you love it. But as we talk to customers, we’ve realized many don’t feel confident in their art knowledge. Printmaking is especially mystifying. So this week we will seek to better understand this varied art form. Continue reading

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August Newsletter: Two Promotions this Month

COMPANY NEWS: Two Promotions this Month!

Are you feeling the back to school blues? Your friends at Old World Stoneworks want to cheer you up with not one, but TWO special promotions this month. Take advantage of 10% off all of our beautiful cast stone fireplace mantels AND 10% off our exquisite range hoods through September 30, 2017. Continue reading

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National Dog Day – Cuddle Up with Your Furry Friend in Front of One of Our Mantels

It’s something of a mystery how wild wolves evolved into the loyal dogs who share our homes today. As National Geographic has put it, the evolution of dog/human relations has been more about survival of the friendliest, rather than survival of the fittest. Some time long ago, a bold yet friendly wolf must have hung around a caveman long enough to start to form a bond. In the next 15,000 years, friendly wolves slowly developed into the labs and setters, the goldendoodles and chiweenies, we so love today. Continue reading

Mandalay Palace

Places behind the names: Mandalay

We love to name our beautiful cast stone mantels after the world’s great cities. This week we’ll explore Mandalay, Burma, for which our Mandalay mantel is named. This busy Asian city has played an important part in Burma’s history since its founding as a royal capital in 1857. With a current population of 1.2 million people, it’s now Burma’s second largest city and a center for business, education and health. Continue reading

braunschweig's castle square

Places Behind the Names: The Brunswick

While “Brunswick” sounds very British, it’s the English spelling of Braunschweig, an old German city. Nowadays, towns called Brunswick have sprouted in many corners of the globe. You may have heard of a Brunswick in the US, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Australia or even Chile. But as we examine the place behind our Brunswick Cast Stone Fireplace Mantel, we’re going back to the original town in Germany. Continue reading

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July 23rd is National Parents’ Day – Show Mom & Dad You Care

Did you know that the third Sunday in July is National Parents Day? In 1994, President Bill Clinton signed a resolution dedicating this day to “recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children.” Continue reading


Summer travel: historic homes you can visit this summer to inspire you in fixing up your older house

This time of year turns our thoughts to travel. And when we travel, one of our favorite things to do is tour historic homes. A home tour never fails to inspire us with new décor ideas. If your tastes run toward the historic, here are five old homes guaranteed to make you want to work on yours. Continue reading

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COMPANY NEWS: Continuing Our Special on Overmantels

Our customers love our beautiful cast stone overmantels so much that we’re extending our special for another month. Add this eye-catching feature to your living room or bedroom hearth before the end of July and you’ll save 10%. You can pair our overmantels with any of our cast stone fireplace mantels. We’re happy to modify them for the width and height your home needs. And remember, we now offer three colors: cream, buff, and our newest addition, white. Continue reading

4th of july desserts

7 Ideas for a Fun and Easy 4th of July Party

Like all holidays, Fourth of July starts in the kitchen. What’s a party without good food? Here are tips for prepping for a smooth and easy party. At Old World Stoneworks, we wish you a happy 4th of July, from our family to yours. Continue reading

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June 21 is Summer solstice and International Yoga Day –celebrate by your outdoor fire pit

As summer begins, unless you live in a very cool climate, you’ll probably not be lighting indoor fires for a few months. Instead, summer is the time for outdoor fires at the beach, campfires, and time spent by your backyard fire pit. A backyard fire cooks your dinner and warms you up as darkness falls. It’s the perfect backdrop for playing acoustic guitar or telling ghost stories. And it’s a good place to get into the spirit of International Yoga Day with a pleasant outdoor evening practice beside your fire pit. Continue reading

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Old World Stoneworks Introduces New Color Option

If you’re scrolling through our product offerings, pondering your dream mantel, you’ll notice something new: an additional color choice. At Old World Stoneworks, we value the classic and traditional as it relates to making your home transcend the ordinary. In service of that mission, we have decided to add a new, dazzling white color option for our products. Continue reading

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COMPANY NEWS: Special on Overmantels

Once upon a time, an overmantel served as a smoke chamber to direct smoke out of your house. Nowadays, that’s not necessary. But an overmantel is still an eye-catching aesthetic choice that gives any room a powerful focal point. You can pair our overmantels with any of our mantels and be confident you’ve made a great choice. We’re happy to modify them for the width and height you need. Continue reading

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The Meaning of Memorial Day and Holiday Mantel Decor

Memorial Day Poppies

For many Americans, the first Memorial Day symbols that come to mind are flags and gravestones. This week we’re going to celebrate the red poppy as a symbol for remembering veterans – and also a beautiful and meaningful bouquet for your mantel. Continue reading

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Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Traditionally, home kitchens have been the domain of women. At Old World Stoneworks, we know it’s 2017 and believe people of any gender have equal rights to enjoy cooking and spending time in the kitchen. But many mothers we know are still in charge of meal prep, and, indeed, relish this role. So if your mother loves to cook, these kitchen-themed gifts could be just the thing to light up her Mother’s Day. Continue reading