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remembrance poppies

The Meaning of Memorial Day and Holiday Mantel Decor

Memorial Day Poppies

For many Americans, the first Memorial Day symbols that come to mind are flags and gravestones. This week we’re going to celebrate the red poppy as a symbol for remembering veterans – and also a beautiful and meaningful bouquet for your mantel. Continue reading

rothchild cast stone range hood

Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Traditionally, home kitchens have been the domain of women. At Old World Stoneworks, we know it’s 2017 and believe people of any gender have equal rights to enjoy cooking and spending time in the kitchen. But many mothers we know are still in charge of meal prep, and, indeed, relish this role. So if your mother loves to cook, these kitchen-themed gifts could be just the thing to light up her Mother’s Day. Continue reading

southern living feature

Featured Project in Southern Living: Conrad Mantel Surround

At Old World Stoneworks, we’re secure in the knowledge that we make beautiful mantels and range hoods. But we always appreciate a shout out from customers, interior designers and the media. So we were thrilled to find our Conrad mantel surround featured in a Southern Living home style review this month. Continue reading

laurent mantel master bedroom

COMPANY NEWS: Special On Range Hoods

Old World Stoneworks April Newsletter

Have you been spring cleaning? Does that inspire you to improve your home? If you don’t have a range hood, now could be the time to buy one. We’re offering 10 percent off all our gorgeous cast stone range hoods through the end of May. Continue reading

after fireplace cleaning

Maintenance and Cleaning of your Cast Stone Fireplace and Range Hood

Our customers love the look of their beautiful new mantels and range hoods. What they love nearly as much is the easy upkeep they provide.

After a few years of living with your cast stone mantel, the grit and grime buildup of daily living is inevitable. You may notice that soot and smoke have accumulated in the crevices of your mantel and you’re looking to make a change. Fortunately, cleaning our products is a quick and simple process. Continue reading

easter bunny

Good Friday and Easter History and Mantel Décor

At Old World Stoneworks, we love to celebrate Easter, and we know that our customers do, too. For Christians, it’s one of the most important days of the year. But no matter your religion, it’s a day that tells us spring is here, flowers are blooming (or will be soon, depending where you live) and it’s time for a new start. What could be a better reason than that to decorate the mantel? But first, a little context on the history of the Easter season. Continue reading

traditional home

Project of the Month: Green Bedroom Makeover

At Old World Stoneworks, nothing delights us more than seeing customers transform their spaces by installing our beautiful cast stone mantels and range hoods. And we are so honored when they choose to share their before and after photos with us, and allow us to share them with you. Continue reading

amhurst mantel

How to Pick the Right Mantel for a Room

One of the hardest part of remodeling is deciding between a wealth of beautiful choices. At Old World Stoneworks, we’re guilty of presenting our customers with that problem. So today we’ll take a look at how to determine which mantel will work best in which room. Continue reading


Art Focus: What’s hanging above your Mantel? Understanding Mixed Media

Once you have the perfect mantel, you need art that compliments your furnishings. Some of our customers love to pick out art for their homes. Others aren’t quite so comfortable, and have a few questions about what to look for. So this week, we’ll continue our educational series of understanding different types of art with a look at mixed media. Continue reading

flower show

Best Home Improvement Expos to Visit in 2017

Are you in a home design rut? Attending a home and garden show is one of the fastest ways to get new motivation and inspiration for your home design plans and projects. No matter where you live, there’s probably one near you. Here are a few of the especially notable home and garden shows around the US: Continue reading

install amhurst mantel

Old World Stoneworks February Newsletter

COMPANY NEWS: Still seeking before and after photos

Have you installed one of our mantels or range hoods in your home? Or are you about to embark on an installation adventure? From time to time, we like to reissue our invitation to guest star on our blog. We’d love to feature your renovation project in 2017. The year has gotten off to a quick start – it’s hard to believe we’re at the end of February already – but there are still ten months to go. That means lots of chances to share your happy hearth story with the OWS community. Continue reading

mantel installation

This Old House – Fireplace Episode Recap

“What is this beauty right here?” Those are the words we’ve been waiting to hear all season, spoken by This Old House host Kevin O’Connor as he admires our Normandy mantel surround. If you’re as proud of what you make as we are, then you’ll understand our elevated heart rate and the shiver down our spine. Continue reading

wall mounted range hood

Styles of Range Hoods

Depending on the setup of your kitchen – and how much you are able or willing to remodel – one style of range hood will probably work better than another. Whichever kind you install, your kitchen air quality and atmosphere will improve dramatically. Range hoods remove excess heat, provide additional lighting, make the air cleaner and generally improve your property value. Here are the main styles of range hoods. Continue reading

emerson green

Old World Stoneworks January Newsletter

COMPANY NEWS: The Year of the Mantel!

We hope you’ve had a great start to the New Year. At Old World Stoneworks, we’d like to suggest that you make 2017 the Year of the Mantel! Isn’t it time you installed the beautiful new mantel you and your home deserve? If you want to join us in making 2017 a year of home upgrades and overall beautification, contact us today. We are standing by, ready to serve your needs. Continue reading