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Range Hood: Upgrade Your Kitchen

On the one hand, a range hood is a very utilitarian appliance. A fan inside a canopy perches above your stove, removing odors, heat, gasses and steam from your home and releasing them outside. On the other hand, a cast stone range hood adds beauty and sophistication to your kitchen.

At Old World Stoneworks, we embrace both the form and the function of range hoods. Let’s look at a few of the benefits and the beauty this major kitchen upgrade can bring to your abode.

Fresh Air

A range hood helps keep your kitchen air fresh, clean and safe. It expels pollutants and gas out of your kitchen, which also slows bacteria growth and the proliferation of germs on kitchen surfaces. Range hoods are a key ally in your fight against excess carbon monoxide. Exposure to carbon monoxide can cause flu-like symptoms, breathing difficulties, or worse.

Note, range hoods work on two main systems. Ducted installation jettisons all that bad stuff outside. Ductless or recirculating systems filter the air.

Keeping You Cool

Do you find yourself cranking the A/C when you cook? Along with the aforementioned toxins, a range hood sucks out your stove’s heat, keeping your kitchen temperature a little more bearable.

Adding Value

Are you planning to stay in your house forever? Then you’ll have forever to enjoy that gorgeous new range hood. But if you do decide to sell, a range hood is a must to get maximum value for your home. Prospective home buyers love luxurious touches in the kitchen, and everywhere else. Which reminds us, a new mantel would look nice in your living room, den or bedroom.

Seeing is Believing

Bentwood range hood

Another great benefit is the extra lighting a range hood can bring to your kitchen. Adding recessed lighting inside your new range hood like one of our customers did with the Bentwood range hood above, shines right down into your cooking space, making the chef’s job much easier. Cleanup will be more thorough, too, when you can better see into the crevices of your stove-top.

Finding Your Style

Convinced yet? We have styles to fit both classic and contemporary styles. For a now look that combines gently curved cast stone with metal, try our Modern range hood.

modern range hood

Or if you’d like something more ornate but not too big, our Le Petite kitchen hood is the perfect choice.

le petite kitchen hood range