How Cast Stone is Made at Old World Stoneworks

The process of making cast stone at Old World Stoneworks is a careful balance of tradition and technology. We start with a finely tuned cast stone mixture, which includes high-quality aggregates, cement, and natural pigments to ensure the finished product resembles natural stone in both texture and color. We then put this mixture into a mulling machine where it is mixed with water. This “forming” process produces a material that is as dense and durable as quarried limestone.

This mixture is then poured into molds designed for each unique piece, including our exquisite cast stone fireplace mantels. Each mantel is crafted to have its own distinct characteristics, just as with natural stone, ensuring that every piece brings timeless elegance to your home.

Material Composition of Our Cast Stone

Our cast stone is crafted from components that ensure both durability and beauty. It consists of natural crushed stone, combined with a powerful binding agent and color pigments. This combination is perfected to create the look and feel of natural stone. This makes our cast stone ideal for a wide range of applications, from exterior facades to stunning fireplace mantels.

Advantages of Cast Stone Over Natural Stone

Cast stone offers several advantages over natural stone, including more consistent color and texture, which allows for greater control over the aesthetic outcome. It’s also generally more cost-effective. These benefits make cast stone an excellent choice for homeowners and designers looking to incorporate stone elements with less complexity and greater flexibility in design.

Explore the Craftsmanship of Old World Stoneworks

For a blend of durability and design that elevates any space, choose Old World Stoneworks. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional cast stone products that embody both aesthetic elegance and long-lasting quality. Ready to enhance your home with our bespoke creations? Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how we can make your design dreams come true.