About Our Company

We make our cast stone fireplaces from a mixture of finely graded aggregates, silica sand and a bonding agent. Unlike most of our competitors, our cast stone fireplaces and mantels use a hardening agent for cleaner edges. This mixture is hammered into molds. The result is a line of cast stone fireplaces so similar to limestone it is hard to tell the difference, and we are able to do intricate and varied designs for our fireplaces at a fraction of the cost of cut limestone. No finish is required. Cast stone is a noncombustible product and can be used directly next to firebox openings, eliminating the need and cost for other interior surrounds that wood and plaster mantels and fireplaces require.

Technical Support
Our experienced staff is ready to serve you week days from 8:30 to 5:00 Central Standard Time. We welcome your call and will gladly talk with you regarding any questions about fireplaces and mantels. Just call our toll free number 800-600-8336. An installation video will be provided at the time of purchase.

Custom and Customizing
If the mantel you desire does not appear to fit your specifications, call us. Often, we are able to alter the mantel in such a manner that we retain the integrity of the design while fitting your individual needs. Height of firebox openings can be altered in many cases. We can adapt overmantels to work with most of our mantels. If you do not find what you are looking for in this catalog, we will be happy to give you a bid on your custom design. We’ll bend over backwards to help one of our cast stone fireplaces fit your needs.

We deliver our fireplaces by common carrier almost everywhere in the continental United States.

Because of color variations in lighting and photography, you are encouraged to request a sample of the cast stone material to ensure your satisfaction. These samples are from the exact same cast stone used in making our fireplaces and mantels.

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