Cast Stone Overmantels

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An overmantel (or trumeaux in French) is the stone structure above the fireplace. Centuries back, the trumeaux actually served as the smoke chamber, flue and chimney. Today the fireplace overmantel is solely for appearance. Our many styles of fireplace overmantels for sale may be used with any of our cast stone mantels and may be modified to any width and height.

Add an extra touch of old world style to your fireplace with one of our cast stone overmantels. Overmantels add height to your living space, and give a unique visual interest to the hearth area. Pricing for each of our overmantels for sale can be found at our Optional Items page.

Old World Stoneworks can produce a custom cast stone overmantel that meets your needs. Our technicians will help you every step of the way. We will provide you with a scale drawing and a quote including the freight to deliver the mantel and overmantel to the job site.

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