Tips for Taking Care of Your Fireplace During the Off-Season

Tips for Taking Care of Your Fireplace During the Off-Season

A fireplace is excellent for warming the home’s aesthetics and indoor temperatures. That last attribute makes fireplaces a common amenity for homeowners to use during the cold winter months. However, this doesn’t mean you should neglect your chimney during the warm summer months. Read below to find three helpful tips for taking care of your fireplace during the off-season so you can have a cozy, healthy experience using it.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

It’s best to have your fireplace inspected at least once a year because damage to the exterior of your chimney can occur over time, such as cracks. Plus, problems that occur within the chimney are difficult to identify when you can’t see them. For example, creosote builds up inside chimneys and will eventually become a substantial fire hazard if you don’t routinely clean.

First, talk to an expert in your area who can come to the property and inspect the chimney to ensure it’s clean and safe. Once the professional completes the inspection, you can discuss the next steps, such as removing obstructions.

Hire Experts To Clean Everything

If the inspection ends with the professional recommending a cleaning, don’t wait to schedule an appointment with experts. In some cases, the inspection company may be able to offer cleaning services. This ensures you don’t have to do extensive additional research, especially if you enjoy your experience working with the chimney inspector.

Scheduling the inspection and cleaning during the off-season is more convenient because you don’t have to schedule your usage around maintenance. Instead, you can leave your chimney and fireplace in the hands of professionals during the off-season. Then, once winter comes around and you want to create a cozier home, you can start the fireplace for a clean, comfortable, and safe experience. The sooner you clean the creosote and any other obstructions from the chimney, the sooner you can create a safe environment for everyone under your roof.

Routinely Dust Indoors

The steps above are best left in the hands of professionals. However, some tips for taking care of your fireplace during the off-season are tasks you can complete DIY style if you want. For instance, dust easily collects on flat surfaces, such as fireplace mantels, where it may be hard to see if you’re not looking for it. Our team at Old World Stoneworks offers cast stone mantels in Dallas that capture the appearance of natural limestone. Take time periodically during your fireplace’s off-season to inspect and clean the area around it indoors. That way, you won’t be greeted by piles of dust when you light up the fireplace.

Taking care of fireplaces ensures that the aesthetics inside are just as cozy as the warmth emanating from the fire. Routine cleaning during the off-season is an easy way to keep aesthetics as stunning as they should be all year round. After all, just because you don’t need to use the fireplace for warmth doesn’t mean it lacks aesthetic value. Don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts if you’re ready to improve your fireplace with a stunning cast stone mantel today.