Contemporary cast stone fireplace mantel design inspiration

Mantels Matched to Your Decorating Style

We all know that one of the most enjoyable aspects of home ownership is choosing what to do inside your house. From the flooring to the furniture, all the way to fireplace mantels, the choice is yours. In a way, how you decorate and style your home is an intimate reflection of who you are as a person.

Luckily, Old World Stoneworks mantels are so versatile, they can be paired with just about any décor style your heart desires.  The only question left to answer is: What is your decorating style?

Still trying to decide? No problem!  Find inspiration in some of our favorite design styles below and see what best suits your taste!


chic contemporary living room mantel mantels

Chic Contemporary Living Room

Your decorating style is contemporary if it favors bold lines and smooth profiles, as detailed by Houzz. Contemporary is a reversal of traditional design; to put it simply, contemporary favors a minimal look. If you love wide open spaces and natural lighting, you’ll love a contemporary design for your fireplace mantel.  Try a piece from our Contemporary collection like the Uptown Mantel to finish off your own cozy, contemporary living space.

Traditional/Classic Mantels

Traditional Elegant Living Room mantels

Traditional Elegant Living Room

If you read the description for contemporary and found yourself shaking your head in disapproval, you might be a fan of the traditional or classic style of furnishing. Here, rather than sparing elements to clear a space, decorators will make an effort to place comfortable elements throughout a room, even at the expense of minimalism.

This style is for those who fantasize about a day spent lounging over classic literature and drinking fine whiskey.  For a classic and timeless look similar to the mantel above, try our Cambridge cast stone mantel.


Clean Modern Living Room mantels

Clean Modern Living Room

Not to be confused with contemporary, modern style refers to a particular period of time in the early 20th century when a new school of design thought rose up in parallel to movements in art and music.

The modern style puts an emphasis on open floor plans, glass, and in response to the clutter of classicism, a refusal to include ornate ornamentation in decorations. Above all else, modern style is clean and open, but unlike contemporary, follows strict guidelines and doesn’t allow for much flexibility.

If you find yourself drooling over photographs of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous homes, you’ll be satisfied with a modern aesthetic.  Nothing says modern, quite like the sleek lines and simplistic style of our Manhattan fireplace surround.


rustic open living room mantels

Rustic open living room

Love the outdoors? Feel more at home camping in the forest than in the suburbs? Then rustic is the choice for you. Rustic is a simple look that embraces the rugged spirit of the past and incorporates nature into the indoor environment in an organic way.

Whether it’s through plank flooring or exposed wooden support beams, rustic finds a way to form a connection with the outside world, all within the comfort of your cozy home.  While many Old World Stoneworks’ mantels could suit a rustic décor, we especially love the Brunswick Mantel’s simple elegance that works well for large and small spaces.

Cozy Coastal

tranquil coastal retreat mantels

Tranquil coastal retreat

This is easily the most comfortable of all the styles discussed in this post. Cozy coastal is the ideal look for those who place a premium on quality lounging time with family and friends. Through the use of plush furniture, warm subdued coloration and callbacks to the beach, the Cozy Coastal style is the definition of a refreshing chillax session.  While our popular Amhurst Fireplace Surround doesn’t come equipped with an ocean view, it’s sure to make any room in your home feel like a peaceful getaway!

Vintage French Country Cottage

French Country Living Room mantels

French Country Living Room

You liked Marie Antoinette before it was cool. You love the movie Amelie and relish the days when you can enjoy a warm baguette and work on your burgeoning collection of oil paintings.

The Vintage look is marked by mixing sunny vibes with sophistication, wrapping them together and placing a delicately manufactured bow on top. This is the look for people who dream of a simpler time when guests met in drawing rooms to discuss politics and philosophy.  Transform your vintage space with our intricately carved Calais Mantel.

Delighted by what you’ve seen and want to purchase a one-of-a-kind stone fireplace mantel to match your personal style? Call us today! Together we can find the perfect addition to your home.