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Amhurst fireplace with extended stone wall design

Featured Walls: Ideas for the Wall Behind your Fireplace Mantel

Creating a featured wall is an easy way to give a room a makeover. In a room with a focal feature, such as an ornate headboard in a bedroom or a gorgeous mantel in a living room, you can make the wall an extension of that special feature. Here are a few ideas of how to use color, contrast, and texture to showcase your mantel and take a wall in your home from ordinary to extraordinary. Continue reading

fireplace screen

What to Do with Your Fireplace during Summer

Unless you spend your summers in Antarctica, you probably don’t use your fireplace year-round. So if your July and August plans don’t involve penguins, you might appreciate alternative off-season uses for your fireplace. Here are a few different ways you can enjoy our favorite feature of any house even when the AC is turned up. Continue reading

Springtime mantel decor with cast stone fireplace

Springtime Mantel Decor

It’s official now: Spring has sprung. It’s time to put away the deep colors and introspective mood of winter and to lighten up. At Old World Stoneworks, we like to start by freshening the mantel with a special springtime look. Here are a few of our favorite simple mantel looks for spring. Continue reading

Luxury living room with custom cast stone fireplace mantel

Saint Patrick’s Day Mantel Decor

Saint Patrick – birth name Maewyn – is Ireland’s patron saint. But his celebrations were more staid in Ireland. It wasn’t until Irish immigrants started flooding into the US that the parades and parties we now associate with Saint Patrick’s Day were born.

The March 17th  holiday is now celebrated in many parts of the world. In Illinois, 40 pounds of Kelly green dye tint the Chicago River. In Monserrat, West Indies, people combine Saint Patrick’s Day with the commemoration of an attempted slave revolt, and party for an entire week. Flamenco dancers drink Guiness at Cabo Roig, the site of Spain’s biggest St. Patrick’s Day parade. From Quebec to Tokyo, Moscow to Auckland, everybody wants to be at least a little bit Irish on March 17th.

At Old World Stoneworks, we get in the spirit with special mantel décor. Here are a few ideas for a special Saint Pat’s themed mantel display. Continue reading

Contemporary cast stone fireplace mantel design inspiration

Mantels Matched to Your Decorating Style

We all know that one of the most enjoyable aspects of home ownership is choosing what to do inside your house. From the flooring to the furniture, all the way to fireplace mantels, the choice is yours. In a way, how you decorate and style your home is an intimate reflection of who you are as a person.

Luckily, Old World Stoneworks mantels are so versatile, they can be paired with just about any décor style your heart desires.  The only question left to answer is: What is your decorating style?

Still trying to decide? No problem!  Find inspiration in some of our favorite design styles below and see what best suits your taste! Continue reading

How to Design Your Bedroom with a Fireplace in Mind

People often associate fireplaces with shared family space, such as living rooms or dens. And of course we heartily believe in family gatherings in front of the hearth. But nothing makes your home more luxurious than a bedroom fireplace. Bringing the warmth and ambiance of a fireplace into this more private sphere will enhance your bedroom and increase the joy and resale value of your house. Don’t forget this important feature when creating your dream home. Continue reading

fall mantel family photos thanksgiving

Decorating Your Mantel for Thanksgiving

Changing your mantel décor with the season is a fun and meaningful way to acknowledge the passing of time and the year’s special occasions. At Old World Stoneworks, fall is our favorite time to light a cozy fire and decorate the mantel. Thanksgiving is the season of harvest and family, and your mantel can easily reflect that. Use the colors and themes of the season, combined with your unique style and preferences, to create a special Thanksgiving mantel display for you and your family. Be sure to balance vertical and horizontal elements, and a pleasing array of shapes. Here are a few ideas to inspire you. Continue reading