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Spooky Mantel Looks for Halloween

The Halloween season is the only time most people want spiders on their fireplace mantel – and the bigger, hairier and scarier, the better. Same with ghosts in the house. Usually, not so welcome. But at Halloween, ghost motifs reign supreme. Here are a few ideas for a spooky Halloween mantel for your personal haunted house. Continue reading

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Good Friday and Easter History and Mantel Décor

At Old World Stoneworks, we love to celebrate Easter, and we know that our customers do, too. For Christians, it’s one of the most important days of the year. But no matter your religion, it’s a day that tells us spring is here, flowers are blooming (or will be soon, depending where you live) and it’s time for a new start. What could be a better reason than that to decorate the mantel? But first, a little context on the history of the Easter season. Continue reading


Art Focus: What’s hanging above your Mantel? Understanding Mixed Media

Once you have the perfect mantel, you need art that compliments your furnishings. Some of our customers love to pick out art for their homes. Others aren’t quite so comfortable, and have a few questions about what to look for. So this week, we’ll continue our educational series of understanding different types of art with a look at mixed media. Continue reading

Springtime Mantel Decor

It’s official now: Spring has sprung. It’s time to put away the deep colors and introspective mood of winter and to lighten up. At Old World Stoneworks, we like to start by freshening the mantel with a special springtime look. Here are a few of our favorite simple mantel looks for spring. Continue reading