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Amhurst fireplace with extended stone wall design

Featured Walls: Ideas for the Wall Behind your Fireplace Mantel

Creating a featured wall is an easy way to give a room a makeover. In a room with a focal feature, such as an ornate headboard in a bedroom or a gorgeous mantel in a living room, you can make the wall an extension of that special feature. Here are a few ideas of how to use color, contrast, and texture to showcase your mantel and take a wall in your home from ordinary to extraordinary. Continue reading

linoleum print

Art Focus: Understanding Printmaking

For those of us who love our fireplaces, decorating our mantels and the surrounding area is irresistible. Often this involves finding the perfect piece of art to hang above a mantel — to make a statement, to tie a room’s décor together, or just because you love it. But as we talk to customers, we’ve realized many don’t feel confident in their art knowledge. Printmaking is especially mystifying. So this week we will seek to better understand this varied art form. Continue reading


Art Focus: What’s hanging above your Mantel? Understanding Mixed Media

Once you have the perfect mantel, you need art that compliments your furnishings. Some of our customers love to pick out art for their homes. Others aren’t quite so comfortable, and have a few questions about what to look for. So this week, we’ll continue our educational series of understanding different types of art with a look at mixed media. Continue reading

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Old World Stoneworks September Newsletter

COMPANY NEWS: Introducing our new website!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new website! At Old World Stoneworks, we’re always looking for a way to better server our customers.  Therefore, starting in October, we have updated our website to include ecommerce capabilities. This means that our customers will be able to purchase their favorite standard sized mantels, range hoods, and overmantels directly on the website. Whether you decide on a Florentine range hood at 10 pm or an Avondale mantel at 2 am, you’ll be able to order right then. Continue reading