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braunschweig's castle square

Places Behind the Names: The Brunswick

While “Brunswick” sounds very British, it’s the English spelling of Braunschweig, an old German city. Nowadays, towns called Brunswick have sprouted in many corners of the globe. You may have heard of a Brunswick in the US, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Australia or even Chile. But as we examine the place behind our Brunswick Cast Stone Fireplace Mantel, we’re going back to the original town in Germany. Continue reading

home fall makeover

Old World Stoneworks September Newsletter

COMPANY NEWS: Introducing our new website!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new website! At Old World Stoneworks, we’re always looking for a way to better server our customers.  Therefore, starting in October, we have updated our website to include ecommerce capabilities. This means that our customers will be able to purchase their favorite standard sized mantels, range hoods, and overmantels directly on the website. Whether you decide on a Florentine range hood at 10 pm or an Avondale mantel at 2 am, you’ll be able to order right then. Continue reading

fireplace door

National Defy Superstition Day – Superstitions about Fire

It’s a shame National Defy Superstition Day doesn’t fall on a Friday this year. The annual day, celebrated on September 13, encourages people to use their rational minds to overrule superstitions. It’s a day for stepping on cracks, walking under ladders, breaking mirrors, opening umbrellas indoors and seeking out black cats.
Continue reading

baby fire safety

Baby Safety Tips for Your Home

September is Baby Safety Month, brought to the world by the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association. This year their theme is ‘A Room with a View,’ or safeguarding against hidden hazards in the rooms of your home. So we thought this would be a good time to review baby safety tips, especially around fireplaces. Continue reading

cast stone fireplace limestone

Old World Stoneworks July Newsletter

Project of the Month

Last month, we featured husband and wife team Beau and Lisa McDaniel, who together run C.Mac Construction in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. But our interest is not limited to professional builders. We’d love to hear from all our customers about their home projects. If you’ve installed one of our mantels, overmantels or range hoods, please send us before and after photos and tell us about the process.  Perhaps you’ll be our featured project next month! Continue reading

mothers day mantel decor

Mother’s Day Mantel Décor

At Old World Stoneworks, we want to salute the mothers of the world this month.

Since we like to celebrate every holiday by redecorating our mantel, this month our thoughts are with Mom.

There are as many kinds of mothers in the world as there are people. When you’re planning for a Mother’s Day mantel, it’s important to look at individual tastes. Unless you’re hosting a Mother’s Day party for lots of mothers, chances are you’re focusing on one mother in particular. So you want to make sure the décor is to her liking.

If you’re decorating a mantel for your mother, think about things your mom likes. If you are the mother, and you’re decorating the family mantel, well, this is a good month to think about what you like and decorate accordingly. Hey, it’s your month. Continue reading

Celebrity home with luxurious cast stone fireplace mantel

Celebrity Fireplace Look-a-Likes

Much as we love to sing in the shower or dance while we wait for the microwave to ding, we can’t all be on “American Idol” or “Dancing with the Stars.” But with a little help from Old World Stoneworks, your home’s fireplace can resemble your favorite celebrity fireplace. Let’s peek at a few of our favorite celebrity look-a-like mantels. Continue reading