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3 Summer Mantel Looks

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If you like to decorate with the season, you’re well aware we’re down to only one month of summer. It’s time to make the most of it by enjoying summer mantel looks now. Here are three fun and easy ideas.

White and Bright

Invoke some cool on hot August days with a mostly white mantel. This works especially well if your mantel is white to start with. If not, a white tablecloth runner on top provides your backdrop. Arrange white candle holders, candy dishes or figurines on top, then add strategic pops of color: an orange candle, a yellow rubber duck, a bouquet of magenta dahlias. Think fun and bright against a cool white background.
Photo Courtesy: Dahlias are a favorite summer flower, cheery and bright.

Decorate Inside

When it’s too hot for fires, think inside the box. This is a rare opportunity to decorate the inside of your fireplace. Put something fun and surprising in there, like a sculpture or a big chunk of coral. Even a bouquet looks unusual when it’s in the fireplace. You can add something complementary on the mantel, or leave it bare to keep the focus on the main event.

Photo Courtesy: A sculpture inside your fireplace is a sure conversation starter.

Beachy Mantel

Wherever you grew up, it’s likely you have memories of visiting an ocean, lake or river beach. Nantucket or the Great Lakes, summer makes adults nostalgic for those shoreline outings. Celebrate those beach days with a sea-themed mantel. Think seashells, dolphin figurines, and white taper candles in holders full of sand.

beach sand

Photo Courtesy: Add beachy elements to your mantel before the summer ends.

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rothton cast stone fireplace mantel
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