Amhurst fireplace with extended stone wall design

Featured Walls: Ideas for the Wall Behind your Fireplace Mantel

Creating a featured wall is an easy way to give a room a makeover. In a room with a focal feature, such as an ornate headboard in a bedroom or a gorgeous mantel in a living room, you can make the wall an extension of that special feature. Here are a few ideas of how to use color, contrast, and texture to showcase your mantel and take a wall in your home from ordinary to extraordinary.

Luxe wallpaper

Instead of painting, why not have a wallpapered accent wall? A subtle print or luxe metallic design provides a contrast in texture and style.
texture wallpaper
Our Wilshire on a wallpaper featured wall.

Contrasting texture

Speaking of texture, you can go a step beyond paper or paint by creating an accent wall of wood or stone. Try rustic boards for a shabby chic look, rough stones reminiscent of a national park lodge, or smooth polished wood for a refined feel. This is a very popular look amongst our clients, so we have several favorite examples.
capri mantel stone feature wall
Our Capri No Cap on a stone feature wall.
wellington mantel
The Wellington featured on a stone wall.
conrad mantel
The Conrad on a wood-paneled feature wall.

Complimenting colors

For many people, a vibrant red room could be overstimulating and a bright orange room could make them feel like they’re drowning in a vat of nacho cheese sauce. But a neutral version of your favorite color could create the right vibe in your home.
amhurst with stone wall
Our Amhurst on a calming green with a featured stone wall.
laurent mantel
Or go a little brighter like our Laurent on a salmon-colored wall.

Dark and light

For a traditional feel, contrast your all white mantel with a dark wood or dark stone featured wall. This dramatic look will bring all eyes to your living room.
berkely on wood panel
Our Berkley looks stunning against a dark wood accent wall.

We can customize a featured wall for your mantel

At Old World Stoneworks, our mantels are classic and versatile. They’ll look perfect in an understated room with four matching walls, or fronting a daring accent wall. We love how our Whitmoore mantel, from the Dunning project, looks on a featured cast stone wall that we created surrounded by bookshelves.
whitmoore mantel
We’re confident that you’ll find the perfect mantel for your home in our inventory. If you need ideas for showcasing your Old World Stoneworks mantel against a featured wall, give us a call and we’ll brainstorm the right color, texture, and pattern for you and your hearth.