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Best Practices for Building Fires in Your Fireplace

Best Practices for Building Fires in Your Fireplace

Fires are cozy, welcoming, and remind many of us of holidays and beloved family traditions. But if built improperly, they can also be dangerous. As we head into fall, this week we’ll review best practices for building a safe and lovely fire in your wood-burning fireplace. Continue reading

How to Design Your Bedroom with a Fireplace in Mind

People often associate fireplaces with shared family space, such as living rooms or dens. And of course we heartily believe in family gatherings in front of the hearth. But nothing makes your home more luxurious than a bedroom fireplace. Bringing the warmth and ambiance of a fireplace into this more private sphere will enhance your bedroom and increase the joy and resale value of your house. Don’t forget this important feature when creating your dream home. Continue reading

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All About Customizing Your Fireplace

There are several things that go into customizing your fireplace and it starts with knowing the different parts of a fireplace. A fireplace is made of a crown (if you want it), an overmantel, a mantel, legs (if you want them), and a hearth. Those components make up the bare bones of a fireplace but you can add some dimension to it by customizing it with your choice of bricks, stone, tiles and your choice of design like herringbone, running stack bond and more. Let’s work from the top, down.

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10 Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is here! It’s time to replace those boots and extra blankets with sandals and fresh flowers. As you start packing up, you may realize you have one too many things you no longer want or need. Here at Old World Stoneworks, we’ve gathered some tips to not only make your spring cleaning easy, but help you use what you have for a warm and inviting space!

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