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Corner Fireplace Design

Corner fireplaces mantels flummox many people. It’s just not that easy to plan how to lay out your furniture with a corner fireplace. These days, most people wouldn’t deliberately build one into their home. But if you buy or rent a new abode with a corner fireplace, these design tips will help. Continue reading

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Hot Holiday Gifts For The Home

It’s that gift-giving time of year again when everybody is trying to find just the right thing for friends, family and coworkers. At Old World Stoneworks, we’re always looking for the hottest holiday gifts – that is, those that have to deal with fire. Here are a few ideas for those folks on your gift list who live by their hearths. Continue reading


Hanukkah Fire Traditions

Hanukkah, the eight-day Jewish festival of lights, starts December 12 this year. Since Hanukkah has so many fascinating connections to fire – and at Old World Stoneworks, fire is our specialty – this week we’ll delve into this cultural and religious celebration. Continue reading

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Amhurst Cast Stone Fireplace Mantel Shines in Wedding Chapel

Flower Mound is a friendly Texan town northwest of Dallas. Home to more than 165 species of wildflowers, it has the distinction of being ranked number two on financial site NerdWallet’s list of best place for young families in Texas. Flower Mound is also home to a remarkable wedding chapel; Aristide Estate featuring one of our cast stone fireplace mantels. Continue reading

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COMPANY NEWS: Gearing up for the Holidays

Are you planning family get-togethers for Thanksgiving and Christmas? Do you want family and friends to see your house at its most beautiful while you entertain? Then now is the time to upgrade your fireplace mantel or range hood. At Old World Stoneworks, nothing makes us happier than festive occasions in our customer’s homes. And we know the top two places families like to gather: In front of the fireplace, or in the kitchen near the range hood. Give us a call today and we’ll make sure you have the home of your dreams before the relatives arrive. Continue reading

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How to Pick the Right Mantel for a Room

One of the hardest part of remodeling is deciding between a wealth of beautiful choices. At Old World Stoneworks, we’re guilty of presenting our customers with that problem. So today we’ll take a look at how to determine which mantel will work best in which room. Continue reading

Fireplaces for All-Season Rooms

What separates an all-season room from a sunroom? Climate control. While a sunroom is pleasant only when temperatures are moderate, the right heating and cooling options keep your all-season room as enjoyable in December as it is in June. And what is absolutely the most pleasurable and romantic way to heat a room? You guessed it: a fireplace. Continue reading

Expert Tip: Designing Around Your Fireplace

Your fireplace is the perfect addition to your home’s aesthetic that not only adds to your décor but adds monetary value as well. While it pays off in dividends, why not make it look as attractive to your home’s design as possible? Here are some tips to design around your fireplace. Continue reading

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White Rooms after Labor Day

Wearing white after Labor Day may be a faux pas in the fashion world but it’s a versatile shade that affords homeowners endless design options in the world of home design. Adding a fireplace in any shade of white can add a timeless and gorgeous touch to any room.

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All About Customizing Your Fireplace

There are several things that go into customizing your fireplace and it starts with knowing the different parts of a fireplace. A fireplace is made of a crown (if you want it), an overmantel, a mantel, legs (if you want them), and a hearth. Those components make up the bare bones of a fireplace but you can add some dimension to it by customizing it with your choice of bricks, stone, tiles and your choice of design like herringbone, running stack bond and more. Let’s work from the top, down.

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Harmonious Living: Your TV and a Fireplace Surround

Today almost all rooms actually used in a house have a TV. Lets face it, if there is no TV people do not use that room. Many times the fireplace surround is the focal point of a room. The sofa and chairs are gathered around it. So, where do you put the TV? Sometimes the only option is over the fireplace. The key is to plan ahead. However, many times the TV looks like an after thought. Here are some suggestions on how to make the two work together harmoniously.

Remember Scale, Scale, Scale.  Scale is obviously important.  Save the giant screen for a media room.  You do not need your beautiful fireplace surround lost as the TV overpowers the room.

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