Expert Tip: Designing Around Your Fireplace

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Your fireplace is the perfect addition to your home’s aesthetic that not only adds to your décor but adds monetary value as well. While it pays off in dividends, why not make it look as attractive to your home’s design as possible? Here are some tips to design around your fireplace.

Choosing Furniture

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OWS Hampton Cast Stone Mantel

Having the right furniture arrangement will leave your room in perfect harmony with your fireplace and make it that much more enjoyable. To do this, keep key seating pieces near the fireplace and facing each other. For example, a sofa flanked by end tables should look at a pair of chairs to balance the visual weight of the sofa and to maximize seating! The rule of thumb is to place seating no more than 8 feet apart, and leave 14-18 inches between a coffee table and a sofa so that refreshments and snacks are within reaching distance.

Choosing Décor

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Whether your fireplace is in the center of the wall or in the corner of your room, you can frame the space with additional seating and cabinets for storage, positioned around the perimeter of the room or walls. Also, anchor the conversation area with a large rug and coffee table.

You can make your fireplace the focal point even more so by complementing it with a large piece of art in the overmantel. Do you have more space around your fireplace? You can create a vignette of your favorite objects on a nearby console or in a bookshelf.

Window Treatments

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OWS Conrad Contemporary Stone Fireplace Mantel

There are lots of options when decorating windows near your fireplace. In any space, a fireplace will draw the eye and the manner in which you decorate it or around it will have a dramatic impact on the room.

To really highlight your fireplace, choose window treatments in a contrasting color to the material of the fireplace and its mantel, and hang panels on both sides of the window. If privacy isn’t an issue and the woodwork around the windows is pretty, leave the windows bare to take full advantage of the natural light.

Let us know how you decorate to pull your room together with your fireplace in mind.  Are you ready to make a statement with a new fireplace? Contact the professionals at Old World Stoneworks to get a custom quote on a beautiful fireplace mantel that fits your style!

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