September 2015 Newsletter

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Company News: Transition with the Seasons

A month like September means a variety of design and décor renovations; you can still enjoy your backyard or cozy up on cooler nights by your fireplace and be inspired to lighten up a room with off-white décor and mantels or design with old world elements like andirons.

Whether you want to freshen up a room or upgrade your current fireplace, now is the time! We are offering 10% off of our Old World Stoneworks mantels throughout the month of October. As the weather transitions into cooler months, take it as an opportunity to transition your own home into fall with a luxurious new addition.

Stumped for ideas? We love to share our own décor advice and take from what we’ve learned from our own customers. In fact, stay tuned for the October Newsletter! We will be sharing a new “Before and After,” of how a customer featured one of our beautiful fireplaces into their elegant home.

Expert Tip: How to Decorate Bookshelves with More than Books

Decorating around your fireplace is a great way to make your fireplace’s architecture and design features really strike a chord with your visitors. One of the best ways to optimize space and add visual interest is by centering your fireplace on a wall surrounded by bookshelves. Although bookshelves are meant to share our interest in certain literature, they offer a plethora of space where you can show off your interests in other hobbies, cultures and more! With that in mind, here are some tips on how to decorate bookshelves with more than just books.


DesignSponge has these great 5 bookshelf styling tips that make it easy for the least inexperienced of decorators to create a bookshelf worthy of praise:

  1. Mix up the book placement. Try laying books vertically, horizontally, standing up and facing out and more.
  2. Arrange your books by color to draw the eye towards your fireplace.
  3. Use decorative objects like a beautiful bowl, plate or stack of fashionable trunks.
  4. Opt for something natural like a bowl of rocks, sea shells or whatever else you like to collect.
  5. Add artwork to fill up spaces. Prop them as book ends or throughout to break up the line of books.

Also, be sure to leave some empty space so that the fireplace is not drowned out by the noise of the decorations around it. Sometimes, less design is more so stick to your design scheme and colors to make the make the fireplace the star of your room.

Need more design inspiration? Visit our inspiration gallery or get our free full-color catalog, full of creative design ideas and amazing pictures, delivered to your home. Considering a remodel or redesign as we move into fall? Contact Old World Stoneworks today!

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