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Corner Fireplace Design

Corner fireplaces mantels flummox many people. It’s just not that easy to plan how to lay out your furniture with a corner fireplace. These days, most people wouldn’t deliberately build one into their home. But if you buy or rent a new abode with a corner fireplace, these design tips will help. Continue reading

Fireplaces for All-Season Rooms

What separates an all-season room from a sunroom? Climate control. While a sunroom is pleasant only when temperatures are moderate, the right heating and cooling options keep your all-season room as enjoyable in December as it is in June. And what is absolutely the most pleasurable and romantic way to heat a room? You guessed it: a fireplace. Continue reading

overmantel collage

All About Customizing Your Fireplace

There are several things that go into customizing your fireplace and it starts with knowing the different parts of a fireplace. A fireplace is made of a crown (if you want it), an overmantel, a mantel, legs (if you want them), and a hearth. Those components make up the bare bones of a fireplace but you can add some dimension to it by customizing it with your choice of bricks, stone, tiles and your choice of design like herringbone, running stack bond and more. Let’s work from the top, down.

Continue reading