Bring the Outdoors, Inside

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During this cold weather season when it’s either, snowing or raining, it’s hard to get our dose of the outdoors. Now, we can easily bring the outdoors, inside by decorating our rooms and fireplace mantels with natural elements.

Nature Inspired Design

Nature has inspired so many things. A falling pine cone seed inspired helicopter wings whereas spider webs inspired the strength of so many buildings around us. Why not bring the beauty we see in the nature around us into our own homes? Here are some designs to help stir your creativity:


Natural fireplace decor

Shells & Shell Garland / Butterfly Easter Mantel / Flowers and Plants / Hanging Lavender / Wreath

The best thing about bringing the outdoors, inside is that it encourages eco-friendly design. For example, the mantel decorated with vases and pots of flowers is complemented by a mirror framed by recycled salvaged wood! You can even use old doors, frames and other things to showcase items that you would normally put outside, like a wreath meant for your front door, above your mantel. Need some more inspiration? Check out our inspiration gallery and share how you incorporate a piece of the outdoors into your decoration.

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