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Corner Fireplace Design

Corner fireplaces mantels flummox many people. It’s just not that easy to plan how to lay out your furniture with a corner fireplace. These days, most people wouldn’t deliberately build one into their home. But if you buy or rent a new abode with a corner fireplace, these design tips will help. Continue reading


What’s Hanging Above Your Mantel? Surrealism

Surrealism is not for everybody. This art movement’s alternative – some might say warped – view of reality can be unsettling. But many art fans find surrealism intriguing and mentally stimulating. As we know, art is in the eye of the beholder. Here’s a little background on surrealism to help you decide whether it’s a good fit for your mantel. Continue reading


Thanksgiving Entertaining Tips

At Old World Stoneworks, Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. It has everything – great food, time spent with family and friends, a focus on gratitude, and the chance to light one of the year’s first fires. The challenge of a successful Thanksgiving is to balance the comfort of the guests with the stress level of hosts and hostesses. We hope these tips will make for a happier, more harmonious holiday in your household. Continue reading

New Year’s Mantel Décor

Now that Christmas is over it’s time to quickly decorate the mantel for the New Year. If you’re entertaining on NYE, gear the mantel toward the party goers – probably something fun and glitzy. Not hosting the party? Then decorate the mantel just for you and your family. Here are a few ideas from your friends at Old World Stoneworks.

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How to Design Your Bedroom with a Fireplace in Mind

People often associate fireplaces with shared family space, such as living rooms or dens. And of course we heartily believe in family gatherings in front of the hearth. But nothing makes your home more luxurious than a bedroom fireplace. Bringing the warmth and ambiance of a fireplace into this more private sphere will enhance your bedroom and increase the joy and resale value of your house. Don’t forget this important feature when creating your dream home. Continue reading

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5 Tips on Hosting a Polished Summer Party

Soak up the last of the warm season by throwing an end-of-summer bash. We’ve put together some tips and accessories to help turn your party into a memorable soiree.

1. Add Festive Lighting

Add some character to your outdoor party with some hurricane lanterns filled with a beautiful candle to illuminate your backyard in style. Place them on a flat surface like the mantel of your backyard fireplace or hang them from tree limbs or porch rafters. (Consider choosing flameless candles for safety reasons). Continue reading

Downdraft range hood

The Range of Range Hoods

Fill your kitchen with delicious aromas without the grease, heat, moisture and smoke. Range hoods can save your cabinets and walls over time from the stickier side effects of cooking. They’re also great for odor removal and ventilation. When you’re thinking about adding or replacing a range hood, there are several different types to keep in mind that may be better for your home than others.

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All About Customizing Your Fireplace

There are several things that go into customizing your fireplace and it starts with knowing the different parts of a fireplace. A fireplace is made of a crown (if you want it), an overmantel, a mantel, legs (if you want them), and a hearth. Those components make up the bare bones of a fireplace but you can add some dimension to it by customizing it with your choice of bricks, stone, tiles and your choice of design like herringbone, running stack bond and more. Let’s work from the top, down.

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Décor to Match Your Personality

Tips on How to Find the Right Fireplace to Match Your Décor and Style

A person’s home is an intimate reflection of their lifestyle, passions and above all, personality. If you look around you, does your living room or kitchen have elements that match how you live your life? Find your personality type below for ideas on how to refurnish, renovate or add new architectural anchors like fireplaces and stone range hoods to put a piece of yourself into a space and truly feel at home. Continue reading