Downdraft range hood

The Range of Range Hoods

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Fill your kitchen with delicious aromas without the grease, heat, moisture and smoke. Range hoods can save your cabinets and walls over time from the stickier side effects of cooking. They’re also great for odor removal and ventilation. When you’re thinking about adding or replacing a range hood, there are several different types to keep in mind that may be better for your home than others.

Undercabinet Hoods

Undercabinet Hood

Undercabinet Hood

These are perhaps the most common types of hoods; they attach to the underside of the cabinet above your range. They also come in many styles and strengths like metal to stone range hoods. You can also choose whether you want these to be ducted or non-ducted.

Pro Hoods

bentwood range hood

Old World Stoneworks Bentwood Range Hood

Though they may look like they’re just for the professional chef in your house, but they do wield the power to handle a lot of residuals from cooking. Although these are especially great for those who cook a lot, the larger style is great for those who prefer the look of a bigger hood. Pro hoods look much like undercabinet hoods but are bigger in size.

Chimney Hoods

florentine range hood



Old World Stoneworks Florentine Range Hood

These function a lot like a fireplace chimney; chimney hoods attach to the wall above your hood with a flute that goes up the wall and to the ceiling. These do not attach to cabinets and are standalone, adding a stylish focal point to your kitchen.

Island Hoods

kitched range hood

If your range is in the island of your kitchen, you can still use a hood to ventilate your cooking. Island hoods hand from the ceiling over an island.

Downdraft Hoods

Like a 007 gadget, downdraft hoods are hidden and pop up when you need it to pull the steam and smoke horizontally across the range. This is also a great option for islands if you don’t want something hanging from your ceiling in the center of your kitchen.
From stone to metal and chimney to down draft, you have your pick of hoods to help keep your kitchen nice and clean so you can keep cooking delicious meals. Curious about stone range hoods and turning your cooking into a luxurious experience? Contact us today!

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