fremont cast stone fireplace

Fresh Air and Outdoor Fireplaces

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Amp up your backyard and anchor your outdoor living room with a fireplace! Bring heat to a cold day or gather around a crackling fire with good friends, close family and a pack of s’mores and some wine for a relaxing night in your backyard. Outdoor fireplaces are a luxurious addition to your home’s aesthetic; here are some tips on how to incorporate a fireplace into your backyard.

1. Make an Entrance

patio area


Adding a fireplace to a large patio that also serves as an entrance or a walkway is a non-traditional way to welcome visitors. Whether it’s a patio walk-in or a large porch area, add some seating and a hearth to make this outdoor fireplace a perfect area to sit back and relax.

2. Contrast Elements

swimming pool


If you have a swimming pool or a water feature, adding an outdoor fireplace to your landscape can add to the romantic ambiance. Aside from the glow of the pool water is the flickering flame that invites your friends and family to relax or warm up after a dip in the pool.

indoor porch

OWS Wilshire Cast Stone Mantel

Contrast wicker and stone between your fireplace and your design elements or décor. This Wilshire cast stone fireplace mantel is the perfect contrast in this all-seasons room that honors nature by blending trees and plants indoors with large glass windows looking out into your backyard.

3. Center of Attention

Make your outdoor fireplace the center of attention by using it as your design inspiration. Pull colors and features like arches, herringbone designs, overmantel decor and more, and blend these elements into a trellis, the stonework in your home or into your groundwork and furniture.

fremont cast stone mantel

OWS Fremont Cast Stone Mantel

4. An Architectural Feature

cambridge cast stone mantelOWS Cambridge Cast Stone Mantel

With something like this Cambridge cast stone fireplace with a brick overmantel in the middle of your garden, make your outdoors interesting with an architectural feature. This fireplace can be seen from almost anywhere in the yard, serving as a beacon for friends and family to easily find your gathering place.

5. Anchor an Area

outdoor fireplaceSource

Use a fireplace with French embellishments to anchor a room with light furniture—both in color and weight. Wire frame furniture with glass-top tables give an airy feel to contrast the paved fireplace and seating area.

From fancy to French and rustic to modern, you can find an outdoor fireplace design to suit your home’s design and your living style. Browse through our inspiration gallery for ideas! What do you do to add a luxe touch to your backyard? Have a fireplace in your backyard? How do you enjoy it?

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