July 2015 Newsletter

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From designing your family room to customizing your fireplace, there are endless ways to add luxury to your home regardless of the season. We love to help our clients take advantage of their space, whether that’s providing tips on how to utilize your fireplace during the off season or upgrading your kitchen with unconventional design.

For a makeover any time of the year, consider upgrades that elevate your already luxurious space to another level. This includes replacing your range hood with a new stone range hood or installing an overmantel above your fireplace. We hope you took advantage of our 10% off overmantel discount in the month of July. If you missed this discount, stay tuned for upcoming sales so you can upgrade your home with ease!


Successful design means having a focal point and a fireplace can be the perfect avenue to create one. A focal point should have importance and character and you do it simply with a fireplace by adding fire irons and logs in the grate. For a more luxuriously design focal point, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

fireplace with sconce

Fireplace with sconces

Focal points usually involve symmetry, so you can flank each side of your fireplace with beautiful sconces which will immediately draw attention towards your fireplace. Although it is a focal point, it should work hand-in-hand with the rest of the room so as not to take away from the room’s other functional design elements like seating, rugs, lighting etc. In fact, a sofa and a group of chairs arranged beneath or near here indicates that it is the central point.


Statement art in floral room / Statement art in white room

You can also use bold art to complement your fireplace. The space above your fireplace is critical real estate and whether you have an intricate overmantel or not, you can draw attention towards your fireplace with an incredible accessory like a statement piece of artwork.

Mantel - Normandy


Old World Stoneworks Normandy Mantel

If you’d rather add some drama to the interior instead of the exterior of the fireplace, do so by creating a beautiful backdrop. You can arrange stones, bricks and tiles inside of the firebox to create an eye-catching pattern that’s sure to draw family and friends towards your living room.  Herringbone style brick like the design featured in our customer favorite Normandy mantel on the left is classic look.

What is the focal point of your room? Is it your seating arrangement? Your window treatments? Or perhaps even the view outside of your window? How do you dress up your focal point?

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