Ways to Upgrade a Kitchen

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So you’re thinking about updating your kitchen. The upgrade options you have can be as little as changing the light switch plates on your walls to as large as installing a new stone range hood or replacing your sink. Your kitchen is a gathering place for friends and family alike and where you likely spend a lot of your time with loved ones so any change you make should be something both you and your children will love. A small change can make a big difference and a big addition can simply bring a room together. However drastic your makeover, we have some ideas to get your creative senses going. 

Rhapsody & Le Petite

Neutral backsplash / Green marble island

Whether you have a neutral backsplash like the herringbone design in our Rhapsody range hood above or a darker one, adding small features like accent tiles throughout can seamlessly blend the various elements of your kitchen into a cohesive design. Adding an intricate tile backsplash behind your range like our lovely Le Petite range hood above, adds a touch of luxury that’ll make you never want to leave your kitchen.

Adding contrasting countertops is a great way to complement your light kitchen range.  Expand your contrasting color theory from countertops to cabinets, by choosing ones for your island that are darker or lighter than your other kitchen cabinets while retaining the same design for doors and knobs. Add in a large basin sink for serious chefs and you’ve got a kitchen fit for any cook.  The design below, featuring our Florentine range hood, utilizes this technique perfectly, drawing your eye to the range hood and making it the focal point of this amazing kitchen.



Speaking of contrasting, combining different elements like stone and wood with tile and metal can still bring a kitchen together. A stone range hood combined with an accent stone wall and wooden beams across the top of your kitchen, like the Rothchild range hood featured below, is a surprisingly cohesive design that blends an Italian villa feel with a rustic lodge vibe. Metal features in your chairs complement a backsplash of a similar color. The key is choosing one thing to remain consistent, whether that’s color, texture or material.



Little features like replacing old switch plates with ones that match with your backsplash or color scheme is also a small change that can make a difference. Much like adding lighting under your cabinets.

With a little creativity and some daring design choices, you can upgrade your kitchen into the one of your dreams. We would love to help you add some luxury to your home with a stone range hood that’ll make it hard to keep you and your family out of the kitchen! Contact us today for a consultation.

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