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Upgrade Your Kitchen

Make Your Kitchen the Heart of the Home

You can quickly make your kitchen the inviting heart of your home with some décor tips that are as beautiful as they are easy to adopt. It’s important to understand what an inviting kitchen actually means to you. To some, it might mean clean surfaces while to others it means accessibility. Why not combine the two by bringing together high-end furnishings, design, and architecture with a clean look and feel that’s still organized and welcoming without it looking too polished. A kitchen is meant to make a mess in after all! Continue reading

rothchild cast stone range hood

Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Traditionally, home kitchens have been the domain of women. At Old World Stoneworks, we know it’s 2017 and believe people of any gender have equal rights to enjoy cooking and spending time in the kitchen. But many mothers we know are still in charge of meal prep, and, indeed, relish this role. So if your mother loves to cook, these kitchen-themed gifts could be just the thing to light up her Mother’s Day. Continue reading


Ways to Upgrade a Kitchen

So you’re thinking about updating your kitchen. The upgrade options you have can be as little as changing the light switch plates on your walls to as large as installing a new stone range hood or replacing your sink. Your kitchen is a gathering place for friends and family alike and where you likely spend a lot of your time with loved ones so any change you make should be something both you and your children will love. A small change can make a big difference and a big addition can simply bring a room together. However drastic your makeover, we have some ideas to get your creative senses going. 

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