Upgrade Your Kitchen

Make Your Kitchen the Heart of the Home

You can quickly make your kitchen the inviting heart of your home with some décor tips that are as beautiful as they are easy to adopt. It’s important to understand what an inviting kitchen actually means to you. To some, it might mean clean surfaces while to others it means accessibility. Why not combine the two by bringing together high-end furnishings, design, and architecture with a clean look and feel that’s still organized and welcoming without it looking too polished. A kitchen is meant to make a mess in after all!


If guests feel inclined to cook, they should quickly and easily be able to find the essentials. You can keep things in plain sight while keeping them hidden with smart shelving and beautiful architecture. Built-in stove shelving, for example, is a great way to keep oils and spices within arm’s reach without taking away from the beauty of your granite countertops, high-end stovetop or cast stone kitchen range hood. If you’d rather your plates and other dinnerware be seen, opt for opaque or transparent glass. If you opt for visibility, try to match your dinnerware with your kitchen décor. White on white? Add some splash with some colorful dinnerware or keep with the white theme! Just stay consistent with one or the other.

transparent cabinets

Built-In Shelving / Transparent Cabinets

Unite Your Designs

Love your dining room décor but rarely use it? Don’t be afraid to pull in furniture and pieces from your dining room into your kitchen, where you spend a lot of your time. Add elegance to your kitchen by bringing in your dining room chairs or adding chairs that are similar in design to those found in your dining room.

A great way to unite design and add a touch of class is by relocating your island stove and kitchen range hood to an outside wall and replacing it with a chandelier.

kitchen decor

Chandelier Above Island

Mix the Elements

You can retain the look and feel of a luxe kitchen while embracing the warmth of a cottage-like design. Incorporate elements like cream cabinets, wooden beams, and a cast stone kitchen range hood to bring your design to life. Bringing in natural light is a great way to create that connection between the outdoors and your kitchen—it creates a sense of liveliness evoked by trees and nature. Consider adding chairs that face the window and comfortable seating to enjoy the outdoors while in the comfort of your own home.

cream cabinets

Cream cabinets / Natural light

Regardless of what an inviting kitchen means to you, you can easily make the kitchen the heart of your home with consistent design. Adding upgrades like a cast stone kitchen range hood not only adds value to your home but adds to the atmosphere of your kitchen. Next, you’ll have to work to keep your family away!

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