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All About Customizing Your Fireplace

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There are several things that go into customizing your fireplace and it starts with knowing the different parts of a fireplace. A fireplace is made of a crown (if you want it), an overmantel, a mantel, legs (if you want them), and a hearth. Those components make up the bare bones of a fireplace but you can add some dimension to it by customizing it with your choice of bricks, stone, tiles and your choice of design like herringbone, running stack bond and more. Let’s work from the top, down.

Anatomy of a fireplace

The Crown

Whether you have a brick, tile or stone fireplace, a crown at the top can help it seamlessly blend into your ceiling in an elegant way. You can go for layers of crown moldings that melt into a ceiling with trim or opt for a simple crown that adds the perfect cap to your fireplace.

You can even add a crown to the top of the fireplace without it meeting the ceiling. It can blend with the top trim of your side shelves or simply serve as a stop gap between wall and fireplace.

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OWS Berkley with #9 Overmantel | Crown to Wall | Crown to Ceiling


The Overmantel and Mantel

These are two areas where you have an large amount of customization opportunities. From masculine mantels to seasonal ones, there are options to please the pickiest of designers. You can use the overmantel as a place to hang your television, or to frame your favorite pieces of art. Add molding and trim within the overmantel as a way to blend it into one piece. You can also make it as simple or intricate as you’d like with stone arches and architecture that add a luxe feeling to your room.

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TV in Overmantel | Art above Overmantel | Intricate Overmantel

The Legs and Hearth

The legs and hearth of the fireplace really defines the shape and design of the fireplace itself. The type of legs on your fireplace, can play into how you would like to define the area. If you’d like the area around the fireplace to serve as a seating or display area, adding a hearth that blends into a flat fireplace is a great opportunity to save space and add more room for comfort.

Below are just a few of the different leg styles featured in Old World Stoneworks mantels:

legs & hearth

OWS Avalon Mantel – Straight Legs | OWS Amhurst Mantel – Traditional Legs

Majorca & Nottingham


OWS Majorca Mantel – Spiral Column Legs | OWS Nottingham Mantel – Lion’s Paw Legs

When it comes to hearths, the possibilities are endless.  Below are a few common hearth styles:

capri, & montgomery


OWS Capri Mantel – Raised Hearth | Extended Hearth For Seating | OWS Montgomery Mantel – Flush Hearth

Whatever design style you fancy, explore it all while decorating or renovating your fireplace. Not sure what complements what? Consult our Old World Stoneworks experts today on how to add some more luxe to your room with a standout fireplace.


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