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Décor to Match Your Personality

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Tips on How to Find the Right Fireplace to Match Your Décor and Style

A person’s home is an intimate reflection of their lifestyle, passions and above all, personality. If you look around you, does your living room or kitchen have elements that match how you live your life? Find your personality type below for ideas on how to refurnish, renovate or add new architectural anchors like fireplaces and stone range hoods to put a piece of yourself into a space and truly feel at home.

Type A

Are you:

  • Organizationally inclined?
  • Like structure?
  • Prefer clean lines?
  • A multitasker?

Type A personalities are always on the go and prefer over achievement to underachievement. In design, this can translate to a fireplace that can multitask. Want to change your living room arrangement down the line? A fireplace perfect for a Type A personality should work regardless of any style changes. No challenge is too daunting for the Type A personality and no fireplace should be tied down to any one style.

Consider fireplaces and stone range hoods with clean lines and simple elements. When it comes to decorating around your fireplace, white shades can make a room look larger and clean, but can also attract dirt. If every-day cleaning doesn’t fit into your schedule, then lean towards darker colored fabrics or accent with dark colored furniture and art. Our Normandy fireplace with overmantel is a perfect example of understated elegance.

cast stone fireplace

White Room / Normandy Mantel

The Undercover Explorer

Sitting just isn’t your thing. You’re always on the go and we appreciate your busy lifestyle filled with travel, meetings and excitement. Turn your next business trip into an adventure by finding some décor and souvenirs that are a great memorabilia of your time spent in a foreign place. The fireplace mantel is great real estate to showcase your memories and things from places where you built your business, grew personally and professionally or a place where you enjoyed some downtime from your on-the-go lifestyle.

Nik-naks and souvenirs not really your thing? Try selecting a fireplace that has inspiration from abroad built right into the design, like our Mediterranean inspired Rosamond mantel.

outdoor fireplaces

Outdoor Zen Fireplace / Rosamond Fireplace


You thrive around people. Telling stories, listening to others and learning from your family, friends and your local barista is your calling. When you host parties at your house, especially in these warm coming months, take advantage of your backyard by creating an inviting space. You care more about others than yourself and the perfect design with the right style, surfaces and more can cater to others.

Believe it or not, design elements like stone range hoods can also cater to your guests. They can inspire cooking ideas, stories from travels afar and create an inviting atmosphere for guests to come and gather around their favorite people and food with a glass of great wine.

Whether you’re hosting a get together in the kitchen or living room, here are some fireplace and range hood ideas to start renovating your home to make it suitable for every party with a touch of luxury:

*Décor Tip: Mirrors, seating and surfaces are top three when it comes to socialite design. Mirrors make spaces look larger, seating helps with conversation, and surfaces give people a place to set down drinks and plates while celebrating.

living room fireplaces

Fremont Covered Patio Fireplace | Open Floorplan Living Space | Mirror over Fireplace | Le Petite Stone Range Hood

Regardless of your personality or your reason for renovation, Old World Stoneworks has you covered. Contact us today to help you style the perfect fireplace, stone range hood and more to suit your personality!


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