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Styling Your Kitchen: Matching Your Décor Style to the Bentwood

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in their American Time Use Survey that on an average, 83% of women and 65% of men spent some time doing household activities like cooking. That’s an average of 74% of our time spent in the kitchen! When you spend so much time cooking, cleaning and looking for snacks, you want it to be in an inviting, comfortable and luxurious space. Here are some steps to complement your beautiful Bentwood stone range hood with equally striking décor for a variety of styles.

The Bentwood

The Bentwood is perfect for those who like classic and simple designs that are exquisite in their architecture alone. Its design makes it versatile for a variety of styles from traditional and country to contemporary. See how you can work the Bentwood into your home!

the bentwood



This Bentwood blends seamlessly into traditional décor for those who like large statement pieces and grand rooms. A large dining table with a floral center piece to rival it in size is perfect to counter the delicate curves on this stone range hood.

The weight of these items also complement the stonework of the Bentwood; its clean design and soft lines pull a room together, regardless of the amount of anchoring décor and furniture.


French Country

These standout pieces like the stone range hood are complemented by simple pieces of décor that make a statement when left alone. The type of décor most synonymous with this is old world country, rich with painted décor, beautiful antique pieces and decorations made of exquisite stone.

french country


What’s great about a range hood like the Bentwood is that it’s versatile enough to go from a stark all white kitchen to one with a bit of color. Without filling your kitchen with sharp edges, you can still enjoy a contemporary kitchen with décor that adds to your space. Décor that doesn’t take attention away from your wonderful cooking.

You can incorporate subtle color with the cushions on your bar stools or by adding curves with steel lights above your island or counters. Glass cabinets or opaque cabinet doors also add to the contemporary feel without distracting the eyes.



Green Bar Stools / Steel Bar Lights / Glass Door Cabinets

Do certain pieces in your home inspire you to redecorate? Consider doing so with our stone range hoods. These exquisite pieces of art serve a function, and they do it luxuriously. Contact us today to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen!

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