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What to Do with Your Fireplace during Summer

Unless you spend your summers in Antarctica, you probably don’t use your fireplace year-round. So if your July and August plans don’t involve penguins, you might appreciate alternative off-season uses for your fireplace. Here are a few different ways you can enjoy our favorite feature of any house even when the AC is turned up.


Why not use your fireplace to display unique art pieces your favorite collection of trinkets? Fill your fireplace opening with vases or that decorative collection of seashells you’ve had stashed away all winter. This is perfect if you have surplus art that you’ve been looking for a place to display!

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Beach Trinkets | Colorful Vases | Simple Vases

Indoor Gardening

While your fireplace is out of commission for the summer months, why not design a garden sanctuary in your living room? Create an arrangement of fresh flowers from your garden or use similarly colored potted plants of different sizes to add a pop of color to your firebox space.

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Fancy Floral | Simple Arrangement | Pretty In Pink | Spring Greens


A fireplace makes a perfect summer storage space. Arrange wicker boxes or old suit cases for some extra storage space of those blankets that are also going unused during the summer.

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Wicker boxes | Suitcase Storage

Upgrade Your Fireplace Screen

The days of ugly black wire screen covers and curtains are over. Summer is the perfect time to upgrade to a new metallic fireplace screen with an interesting design or a colorful screen cover that doubles as a piece of art!

fireplace summer

Geode Cover | Red Accent Cover | Tree Cover | Swirl Cover | Art Deco Cover | Peacock Cover

The off-season is also the perfect time to up your fireplace game. Have you been considering a fireplace-centered home improvement project? Call us today about ordering one of our beautiful cast-stone mantels. You’ll have plenty of time to get it ready before the first cold snap.