Stone Hearth Fireplace

At Old World Stoneworks we evoke tradition and elegance with our man-made limestone fireplace surrounds. A stone hearth fireplace provides extra seating for those busy holiday dinners, a place to defrost soggy mittens or socks, and for many families a cozy backdrop for photos.

European design cast stone fireplace mantel
Detailed square image of a cast stone product
Wilshire-Southwick cast stone fireplace design

Stone Hearth Fireplaces FAQs

We offer a variety of models for our stone hearths to best suit the needs of your home. The factors that determine which stone hearth fireplace is right for your home, are the dimensions of your space, personal design specifications and the flooring material bordering the fireplace.

A hearth is the surrounding of a fireplace, it can be located at the foot of the firebox and extends into the room parallel to the floor. A gas fireplace would not necessarily need a hearth as there is no releasing of ashes or smoke during the burning process. A hearth becomes a smart add-on in the case of wood-burning fireplaces for reasons such as the production of embers, rolling logs, and creating a physical barrier between furniture and a fire.

la madeleine, stone hearth fireplace


A hearth is the floor of a fireplace that extends into a room and is made of incombustible materials like cement, brick, natural stone, or cast stone.


A stone hearth fireplace can either be made from natural stone or man-made cast stone. At Old World Stoneworks we choose cast stone because of its quality, durability, and variety of color options. Cast stone is less expensive to manufacture than natural stone is to quarry resulting in less cost passed on to our clients. The stone hearth surrounds the firebox and extends along the floor, creating a stone hearth fireplace.


In the case that you own a gas powered fireplace, there is no reason other than aesthetics to have a fireplace hearth. For those who appreciate all the small pleasures that come from a traditional wood burning fireplace, then investing in a hearth will only enhance your fireplace as the focal point of a room. Beyond the powerful beauty of a stone hearth fireplace, a hearth protects wood flooring and carpets from damage caused by an open fire.


Our stone hearth fireplace options are designed with every interior in mind and pride ourselves with our unique ability to customize special requests. Fill out our custom quote form and one of our design experts will reach out to you! For pricing look to our product options and add-ons. 


Standard |
Available with a beveled or non-beveled edge.
Dimensions: (mantel cap length”) x 20″ x 2-3/4″

Raised |
Dimensions: (mantel cap length”) x 20″ x (up to 15″)

Bullnosed |
Dimensions: (mantel cap length”) x 20″ x 3-3/4″

Raised Bullnosed |
Dimensions: (mantel cap length”) x 20″ x (up to 15″)

Our Stone Hearth Fireplaces

At Old World Stoneworks we admire the look of a stone hearth fireplace as a testament to timeless style. A stone hearth can be added on to any of our cast stone fireplace mantels, find our collection of optional products here to build your old world fireplace.

Old World Stone Works Hearth Options and info:

Majorca with standard hearth

Standard | $400
Available with a beveled or non-beveled edge. Dimensions: (mantel cap length”) x 20″ x 2-3/4″

Cordova raised hearth

Raised | $650
Dimensions: (mantel cap length”) x 20″ x (up to 15′”)

Technical diagram from Old World Stoneworks.

Bullnosed | $550
Dimensions: (mantel cap length”) x 20″ x 3-3/4

Interface screenshot from Old World Stoneworks

Raised Bullnosed|$750
Dimensions: (mantel cap length”) x 20″ x (up to 15′”)

 Contact us for a consultation to tailor our products to your interior.

Why Choose an Old World Stone Hearth Fireplace

If you have a unique project that requires custom sizing, we can accommodate most requests to make your stone hearth fireplace work for you. Often, we are able to accommodate custom requests in a way that retains the integrity of the design while fitting your individual needs. Simply call one of our experienced and dedicated team members at (800) 600-8336 to discuss the customized project you have in mind and we will email you a scale drawing with your own unique dimensions and a no-obligation quote including shipping costs.

Tip* Not sure how to get the proper measurements? Use our Firebox Measurement Guide. 

“Thanks for all your help in selecting and ordering my fireplace surround… It will be the centerpiece of my already dramatic living room. Thank you.
Norma S | Millbrae, CA