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Types of Stone Hearths

While the word “hearth” is often used interchangeably with “fireplace,” and is a great metaphor for family life, technically it means the floor of the fireplace that often extends into the room.

Choosing a type of stone hearth is not as exciting as selecting a mantel, and may be an afterthought in your purchase process.

But at Old World Stoneworks, we know that the smaller details are all important to the overall look of your room. This week we’ll take a peek at the four different types of stone hearths we offer.

Standard Stone Hearth

Our most basic type of stone hearth has a mantel cap length of 20 by 2.75 inches. It’s made to extend flat on the floor in front of your fireplace. We offer a beveled or non-beveled edge.

majorca standard hearth

Pictured above is our Majorca with a standard hearth non-beveled edge. 

avalon bevel

Pictured above is our Avalon with a standard hearth beveled edge. 

Raised Stone Hearth

Sometimes a fireplace is set higher with a hearth that is raised above the floor. This type of hearth is called a raised hearth. Our raised stone hearths have a mantel cap length of 20 inches long, and sit up to 15 inches high, depending on your needs. Propane, natural gas, and electric fireplaces often are situated higher than the flooring.

Cordova with Monarch Metalwork

Pictured above is our Cordova mantel with a raised stone hearth.

Bullnosed Stone Hearth 

Bullnosed hearths have a rounded outer edge like, well, a bull’s nose. This term is used in construction to describe masonry and ceramic tile with a convex, rounded trim. Our bullnosed hearths add soft, pleasing curves to your fireplace’s overall look. We offer a mantel cap length of 20 by 3.75 inches.

bullnosed hearth

Raised Bullnosed Stone Hearth

Combining the two looks above, our raised bullnosed hearts sit higher than your flooring and features that soft bullnosed curve. Just like our regular raised hearth, we offer a mantel cap length of 20 inches by up to 15 inches.Oxford raised bullnose hearth

Pictured above is our Oxford mantel with a raised bullnosed stone hearth.

Not sure which type of hearth would best complement your fireplace project? At Old World Stoneworks, we love to talk about hearths, mantels, and every other aspect of making your fireplace the focal point of any room.

Contact us today to start brainstorming the best solution for your unique situation. We are strong believers in the hearth as the underpinning of a durable and pleasing fireplace.