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10 Kitchen Range Hoods That Make a Statement

At Old World Stoneworks, we think a big, bold kitchen range hood makes a powerful statement. Here are 10 of our favorite kitchen range hood styles – some made by us, some by other artisans.

The Bentwood Kitchen Range Hood  (Style By Old World Stoneworks) 

We love how the classic curves of our Bentwood kitchen range hood mix effortlessly with striking old world details. Take your kitchen to the next level of luxury with this gorgeous kitchen range hood.

the bentwood range hoods

Jim Ziething’s Ebony Kitchen Range Hood

Artisan Jim Ziething of Costa Mesa, California, crafted this kitchen range hood out of ebony wood. Stunning! It’s no wonder Jim is so talented – growing up he worked in his family’s cabinet shop where he learned the artistry of constructing beautiful pieces like this kitchen range hood.

Jim Ziething’s ebony hood

Modern Kitchen Range Hood (Style By Old World Design)

If you’re after a functional yet beautiful contemporary kitchen design, this kitchen range hood is the ideal starting place. Our Modern cast stone kitchen range hood is the perfect fusion of both old and new. With its eye-catching linear design and striking metal overhood contrast, this kitchen range hood is anything but ordinary.

modern range hood

Intempo Interiors Kitchen Range Hood 

We love the look of this tall, modern kitchen range hood with a Broan vent, crafted by Intempo Interiors. This custom woodworking shop is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, but its designs have a universal appeal.

Intempo Interiors

Rothchild Kitchen Range Hood (Style By Old World Stoneworks) 

Those drawn to Grecian styles will gravitate to the Rothchild cast stone kitchen range hood. Inspired by European travels, this classically designed kitchen range hood features some of our most elegant detailing. Gathering for meals with your friends and family will always feel like a worldly adventure with this kitchen range hood design.

Rothschild kitchen range hood

The Tuscany Kitchen Range Hood (Style By Old World Stoneworks)

The name “Tuscany” conjures pastoral images of the sun-drenched Italian countryside, green vineyards, and good food. Which is just what we want in a happy kitchen! Our Tuscany design, like our other kitchen range hoods, can be customized to fit varying ceiling heights.

Detailed view of Tuscany cast stone fireplace mantel.

Montana Kitchen Range Hood Style

For a completely different feel, this hewn timber and plaster kitchen range hood evokes the rustic. If you’re most at home in mountain lodges, then this kitchen range hood style was meant for you.

Montana Style kitchen range hood

Rhapsody Kitchen Range Hood (Style By Old World Stoneworks)

This cast stone kitchen range hood was inspired by this history of Rhapsody. Rhapsody performed epic poems in his native Greece during the fifth and fourth centuries BC. Our Rhapsody kitchen range hood will inspire you to create epic meals in your home kitchen. This design balances hard edges with soft curves, making our Rhapsody range hood a lovely focal point for everybody’s favorite room.

rhapsody range hood

Asymmetrical Kitchen Range Hood

Looking to create a kitchen that is anything but ordinary? This asymmetrical gold kitchen range hood is anything but! Guaranteed to be the conversation starter at your next gathering, this kitchen range hood screams modern contemporary flair.

asymmetrical range hood

Le Petite Kitchen Range Hood (Style By Old World Stoneworks)

What, you think your kitchen is too small for a statement-making range hood? Mais non! Our Le Petite kitchen range hood is just what you need. This beauty transforms your kitchen from cramped to charming.

le petite range hood

Creating a statement in your kitchen is as easy as incorporating a kitchen hood range! If you’re ready to take your kitchen from ordinary to luxurious, give us a call today at 888-900-7598.