Berkley with Overmantel 9 design.

Cast Stone Fireplace Overmantels That Wow

Incorporating a cast stone fireplace overmantel is the perfect way to add both visual interest and height to your living space. With its rich history and a wide variety of designs we offer, adding an overmantel to your cast stone fireplace is sure to be the focal point of your home that will make everyone stop and say “wow!”.

Here are 4 cast stone fireplace overmantel designs that are guaranteed to make a grand statement.

Classic Charm Meets Farmhouse Chic Fireplace Overmantel

This Amhurst mantel design is the perfect blend of country charm and functional design. Incorporating our #11 overmantel perfectly enhances the living space by guiding your eyes up the structure that helps to embellish the country chic ceiling beams.

Cast stone fireplace overmantel

Celtic Stone Fireplace Mantel Design

The Stoneleigh fireplace is a captivating element on its own with its Celtic style architecture. Incorporate a cast stone fireplace overmantel to it, and the structure truly becomes breathtaking. This overmantel opens up this living space area to great heights, making it anything but mundane.

Cast stone fireplace overmantel

Modern Charm With Old World Hommage

Our #9 cast stone fireplace overmantel was designed to make a bold statement. With its classic lines and modern charm, there is no doubt that this overmantel delivers. Combined with our Berkley cast stone fireplace mantel, the elegance is second to none.

Cast stone fireplace overmantel

Countryside Sophistication Fireplace Mantel Design

Transport yourself to the countryside with this overmantel. Its angular shape is simple enough to enhance any style fireplace while still able to captivate anyone’s attention through its striking features. Combined with our Carved Brentwood fireplace mantel, you can have a luxurious relaxing getaway anytime right in your home.

Cast stone fireplace overmantel

These are just a few ideas on incorporating an overmantel mantel into your home. With our wide variety of luxurious and versatile overmantels, the possibilities for your living space are endless. View our cast stone fireplace overmantels and contact us today to get started on creating an overmantel that will make you say, “WOW!”.