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Styling Your Corner Stone Fireplace: Creative Ideas and Tips

A fireplace is more than just a convenient way of staying warm — it’s an important aesthetic part of your home. At Old World Stoneworks, we’re dedicated to crafting beautiful stone fireplaces to suit every style and room.

One of the most charming types of fireplaces is the corner fireplace and it can also be a useful space saver, too. A corner stone fireplace can become the focal point in a room, and you will want to complement it with stunning styling. Keep reading for some corner stone fireplace decorating ideas and tips to transform your room and your home!

Why Choose a Corner Stone Fireplace?

If you’re in the process of building a new home, you may choose to include a corner stone fireplace. They’re stunningly beautiful and also save space. Instead of losing an entire wall to the fireplace, you get an accent in a corner that would otherwise have been difficult to decorate.

Corner stone fireplaces are just as beautiful indoors as they are outdoors. They make a lovely alternative to a fire pit or table and make a majestic focal point for your outdoor living area.

Designs for Your Corner Stone Fireplace

What style or design should you choose for your corner fireplace? If you’re looking for timeless elegance, a corner fireplace design that mixes a traditional European farmhouse look with a neutral color can be an excellent choice. The shape offers the kind of cozy charm you may have in your decor already, while the neutral color lets you incorporate any color scheme you prefer.

Other popular corner fireplace designs include neoclassical styles, with emphasis on vertical and horizontal lines and other architectural details, and Mediterranean, which features soft curves and carved details.

Minimalist corner fireplace styles can help you achieve the mid-century modern look you want. In a room where furniture is all about comfort and function, a fireplace that is not necessarily flashy but still pleasing to the eye is a good choice.

Hearth Design Ideas

To complement the fireplace, you can choose from among many corner fireplace hearth ideas. Matching the fireplace with the hearth means considering the dimensions, the flooring materials that border the fireplace, and your own personal aesthetic.

Standard hearths go well with most corner stone fireplace options. At Old World Stoneworks, we offer them with and without beveled edges to match the level of ornamentation in the rest of the room.

Raised hearths can create more depth in a room and work well for classic designs. Because they take up a bit more space, however, they may not be the best for mid-century modern rooms because they could cut into the functionality of the space.

Another option you have is the bullnose hearth, which has a rounded outer edge. It’s commonly a raised hearth and can work well in both traditional rooms as well as modern ones.

If you’re not sure which hearth style is right for your corner stone fireplace, don’t worry.  Our design consultants will be happy to help you choose.

How to Style a Corner Stone Fireplace Mantel

When styling a corner stone fireplace mantel, you want to remember that the eye will be drawn to the fireplace when it’s in a corner. Take advantage of that by adding conversation pieces on top of the mantel or using it to highlight seasonal decor.

For living room corner fireplace ideas, many people choose to place a television above the fireplace. If that’s not your style, consider adding a mirror or a painting. There are lots of other stone fireplace decorating ideas you can try, including using candles, framed photographs, small decorative objects, vases, books, sculptures, and more.

During the holidays, the mantel can be the perfect place to display a mini tree, a collection of nutcrackers, or anything else that brings a touch of the season to the room. You can also add a bit of green with live plants.

No matter your decor style, you want to avoid overdoing it. Clutter will detract from the beauty of the fireplace and make the room look cramped and busy.

Because of the fireplace’s placement, you want to make sure that the furniture around it doesn’t block the flow of traffic in the room. Angle your seating to allow for both conversation and a view of the fireplace. This allows people to move in and out of the room easily as well.

Transforming Outdoor Spaces

A corner fireplace can also transform your outdoor living space and makes a perfect anchor to your outdoor living area. Instead of a firepit, which can be frustrating to keep lit, consider a few outdoor corner fireplace ideas. You can set up a seating area or even an outdoor grill space where the whole family can gather while remaining warm.

Remember that you want to choose sturdy materials to withstand the elements. Stone tends to be the best option. At Old World Stoneworks, we offer cast stone fireplaces that are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. We offer a variety of designs, allowing you to harmonize your exterior decor with your interior aesthetic.

Making the Most Out of a Corner Fireplace

A corner fireplace can transform any room — and skilled styling further elevates the beauty of the stone. With the various design options available, you can find the look that matches your aesthetics when you work with Old World Stoneworks. We offer custom ordering to help you achieve your vision.

Take a look at our before and after pictures and contact us to learn more about the many styles of corner stone mantels and hearths we offer.