Ways To Create a Fireplace Focal Point With Your Overmantel

Ways To Create a Fireplace Focal Point With Your Overmantel

The overmantel is only one part of a fireplace setup, but it’s a part that you can use to your advantage in a big way. The aesthetic benefits of the overmantel are so effective that you can create a focal point using the overmantel alone. Update your home today using these effective ways to create a fireplace focal point with your overmantel.

Find Beautiful Contrasts

The focal point of any space is where you or your guests first look when they enter. One of the best ways to create a focal point with an overmantel is to get in on a color that contrasts with its surroundings without looking out of place. For example, some of our cast stone overmantels at Old World Stoneworks feature warmer tones, while others feature lighter colors. These varying hues ensure you can find the perfect visual balance for your fireplace.

You should think about how the overmantel fits with the visual theme of the room, but you also must find the unique beauty within it. Simply put, which overmantel will stick out beautifully inside your home? If your room contains many natural decor pieces—such as flowers—using cast stone is an effective way to capture a natural look while still offering a contrasting visual element. Of course, not every home interior looks the same, so the right color choice relies on what works most stunningly with the environment.

Reduce the Clutter

Finding the best ways to create a fireplace focal point with your overmantel requires carefully choosing the decor placement around the area. Don’t worry; placing items on the overmantel is not an issue. In fact, placing decor near the overmantel is a great way to add a personal touch to the design.

However, placing random clutter on the overmantel creates more of a mess than it does a stunning focal point. Using an overmantel as an additional place to put kitsch, coffee mugs, and other clutter is not going to create an eye-catching arrangement.

From a decorative vase to family pictures, the items you place on the overmantel should be diverse and help you create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Your visitors should enjoy the focal point, but you’re the one who looks at it every day, so focus on a design that makes you happy.

Work With Professionals

This may sound straightforward at first, but investigating the manufacturer of your overmantel is no small step. Ensuring the materials and their design are great additions to your home requires working with reliable professionals. You should also focus on a company’s testimonials and examples of previous work. Testimonials from previous clients provide insight into what you can expect from working with the company.

Plus, looking for a gallery of photos on an overmantel manufacturer’s website showcases the potential aesthetic benefits the element can bring to your home. If you’re ready to find a great overmantel for your home, contact us today to get the materials you need to make your fireplace shine!