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How To Measure For Your New Fireplace Surround

Measuring for your new fireplace surround is actually quite easy. The three basic variables we need are the width (A) and height (B) of your opening and how high the bottom of your opening is off of your floor (C). These variables are represented on the fireplace surround below.

fireplace surround

These measurements will work regardless if you have a masonry firebox or a metal pre-fabricated firebox. If you do have a masonry firebox make sure to take multiple measurements from different spots for each letter as the firebox might not be square. For example, measure both the bottom of the opening and the top for the width (A) . Then provide us with the lesser of the two measurements where as the bottom might be 42″ but the top measures 42 1/4″ we would use the 42″ to make sure your new opening is square and none of your existing opening would be visible.

You will notice in the above example the bottom of the opening (C) is not flush with the floor. This is quite common and easy to deal with. Your options would include a custom filler stone like that was used in this image or you could opt for your own filler stone using a tile or granite or depending on the height you could use a raised hearth. If your firebox is flush with the floor then your (C) variable would be 0.

If you have a prefabricated metal firebox like the fireplace surround below the variables change based on the features of your firebox.

fireplace surround

Some have vents or glass doors that can not be covered. Knowing the make and model of your firebox can be quite helpful as we are then able to look your firebox up for you and determine how our fireplace surround can work with your box.

Providing pictures or drawings for your firebox whether it is masonry or prefabricated is very helpful for us to determine the best fit for your new fireplace surround.

Once you have your measurements you can fill out our online worksheet or you are welcome to call us at 855-509-6905 and speak with one of our technicians and discuss your needs and determine what will work best for you.

For further information on ordering you can visit our how to order page.