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COMPANY NEWS: Special on Overmantels

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Once upon a time, an overmantel served as a smoke chamber to direct smoke out of your house. Nowadays, that’s not necessary. But an overmantel is still an eye-catching aesthetic choice that gives any room a powerful focal point. You can pair our overmantels with any of our mantels and be confident you’ve made a great choice. We’re happy to modify them for the width and height you need.

Through the end of June, all our overmantels are 10% off. Now is the time to turn your hearth into a statement.

Overmantel 08

overmantel 08

Overmantel 10

overmantel 10

New Color!

At Old World Stoneworks, we focus on traditional, classic looks to enhance your home. That being said, we don’t take adding a new color to our line lightly. This month, we’re proud and excited to announce a new color to our collection: white. This new color is cooler and lighter than buff or our standard cream. You can order mantels, overmantels and range hoods in white for an additional $250, or buff for an extra $150. Cream is available for no extra charge.

Introducing Our New Design Option: Keystone-less Rothton

Customers love our Rothton fireplace mantel, which is why we’re thrilled to announce that customers can now take their customization to another level and order the Rothton with or without a keystone.

The new keystone-less Rothton mantel is available in a 30″, 36″ and 42″ wide opening.
rothton mantel
Learn more about our expansion to the artisanal product line in this Press Release.

Tip of the Month: Cleaning Cast Stone

After a few years of living with your cast stone mantel, overmantel or range hood, a certain amount of grimy buildup is inevitable. Fortunately, cleaning our products is a painless process.

All you need is a mild liquid detergent and a soft, non-wire brush. Wet the stone first, then gently scrub smoke and soot marks. Rinse with clean water. It can take a day or two for your mantel to dry completely. After cleaning, it should look like new.

Stubborn stains may resist this gentle cleaning process. The good news is, assuming your mantel or range hood was properly sealed during installation, most stains are removable.

If you know what caused the stain, you can research its solvents and determine the best way to remove it. Otherwise, try a general-purpose stain remover, such as Goof Off, which is used for graffiti removal on cement-based products. Apply Goof Off as described above, scrubbing with your non-abrasive, non-wire brush. Then rinse and let it dry.

A muriatic acid solution (75 percent water, 25 percent acid) is also a stain remover for cast stone. If you’re using these heavier chemicals, be sure to wear gloves and eye protection, just in case of splashes.

Still have cleaning questions, or need other advice on your cast stone products? Give us a call – we’d be happy to help.

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