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Old World Stoneworks Introduces New Color Option

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If you’re scrolling through our product offerings, pondering your dream mantel, you’ll notice something new: an additional color choice. At Old World Stoneworks, we value the classic and traditional as it relates to making your home transcend the ordinary. In service of that mission, we have decided to add a new, dazzling white color option for our products.

Why White?

The color white carries many positive connotations; anything from fresh snow and milk to fragrant soap bubbles. Traditionally it’s the color of purity, innocence and new beginnings. And from a decorating standpoint, it matches with almost anything in a subtle way.

Cream and buff, our other two color options, are both warmer shades. If you’re decorating with a cool color palette, white is the best choice.
color options
[White, Cream, and Buff Color Options Shown Above]

Our Products in White

Our mantels, range hoods and overmantels are now all available in white. Cream is our standard color, and comes with no additional charge. Buff costs an extra $150, and white costs an additional $250.

We’ve already updated our website, and white is ready to go.

Still not sure what’s the best color option for your home? At Old World Stoneworks, we love to help customers pick the perfect style and color. Give us a call and we’ll make sure you get the gorgeous mantel, range hood or overmantel you’ve always dreamed of.

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