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From home improvement to decorating, we’ve got some great ideas for homeowners on how to make their fireplace mantles beautiful.

Christmas fireplace mantel decoration

Hot Holiday Gifts For The Home

It’s that gift-giving time of year again when everybody is trying to find just the right thing for friends, family and coworkers. At Old World Stoneworks, we’re always looking for the hottest holiday gifts – that is, those that have to deal with fire. Here are a few ideas for those folks on your gift list who live by their hearths. Continue reading


Thanksgiving Entertaining Tips

At Old World Stoneworks, Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. It has everything – great food, time spent with family and friends, a focus on gratitude, and the chance to light one of the year’s first fires. The challenge of a successful Thanksgiving is to balance the comfort of the guests with the stress level of hosts and hostesses. We hope these tips will make for a happier, more harmonious holiday in your household. Continue reading


Spooky Mantel Looks for Halloween

The Halloween season is the only time most people want spiders on their fireplace mantel – and the bigger, hairier and scarier, the better. Same with ghosts in the house. Usually, not so welcome. But at Halloween, ghost motifs reign supreme. Here are a few ideas for a spooky Halloween mantel for your personal haunted house. Continue reading

linoleum print

Art Focus: Understanding Printmaking

For those of us who love our fireplaces, decorating our mantels and the surrounding area is irresistible. Often this involves finding the perfect piece of art to hang above a mantel — to make a statement, to tie a room’s décor together, or just because you love it. But as we talk to customers, we’ve realized many don’t feel confident in their art knowledge. Printmaking is especially mystifying. So this week we will seek to better understand this varied art form. Continue reading

dogs fireplace

National Dog Day – Cuddle Up with Your Furry Friend in Front of One of Our Mantels

It’s something of a mystery how wild wolves evolved into the loyal dogs who share our homes today. As National Geographic has put it, the evolution of dog/human relations has been more about survival of the friendliest, rather than survival of the fittest. Some time long ago, a bold yet friendly wolf must have hung around a caveman long enough to start to form a bond. In the next 15,000 years, friendly wolves slowly developed into the labs and setters, the goldendoodles and chiweenies, we so love today. Continue reading

fire pit

June 21 is Summer solstice and International Yoga Day –celebrate by your outdoor fire pit

As summer begins, unless you live in a very cool climate, you’ll probably not be lighting indoor fires for a few months. Instead, summer is the time for outdoor fires at the beach, campfires, and time spent by your backyard fire pit. A backyard fire cooks your dinner and warms you up as darkness falls. It’s the perfect backdrop for playing acoustic guitar or telling ghost stories. And it’s a good place to get into the spirit of International Yoga Day with a pleasant outdoor evening practice beside your fire pit. Continue reading

kristine byars art

Art Focus: What’s hanging above your mantel: Contemporary Artists

At Old World Stoneworks, we love to support artists from all over the country. And we hope you do, too. Our clients live all over the world. And so do contemporary artists whose works are worthy of hanging over your mantel.

This week, we’re going to celebrate contemporary artists – a few from Texas, and some from other states. And we’ll recommend how to find and support artists in your area. Whether you’re hanging an original work of art or a quality print, your art choices personalize your home and help support the arts. What could be better? Continue reading


Preparing your Fireplace for Winter

You might not be feeling the cold yet—but you will soon. And the best time to prepare your fireplace for winter is before cold strikes. Then, when the temperature drops, you’ll be ready for a nice, cozy fire.

Proper prepping is crucial for your safety. Done right, your fireplace is a source of warmth and joy through the long, cold winter. Done wrong? Fire hazard. Continue reading

old world stoneworks

Hiring Home Remodelers: Five Questions to Ask

When it’s time to look for a new contractor to complete a house project, most homeowners feel a certain amount of anxiety. You don’t want to grant just anybody access to your personal space. But how do you know whether a contractor is trustworthy, competent and reliable enough to show up and complete the job in a reasonable timeframe? Here are five questions to ask to help you make this important decision. Continue reading

Home Maintenance New Year’s Resolutions

Any homeowner knows that the list of maintenance tasks is endless. From the foundation to the roof, the interior and the exterior, it’s a nonstop job. Why not make maintenance more manageable by breaking tasks down into monthly chores? January is the perfect time to get out your paper or digital calendar and make a few home maintenance resolutions. Continue reading

Keeping Your Pet Safe around a Fireplace

Humans aren’t the only species who love lounging near the fireplace in winter. Cats and dogs also crave warmth. Whether curling up in front of a heater or a fireplace, heat soothes the domestic beast. But it can also backfire.

At Old World Stoneworks, we want your pets to enjoy your fireplace with you safely. Follow these tips and you’ll all enjoy your home’s best feature. Continue reading

fireplace tips cover image

Fireplace Safety Tips – Infographic

The Fall season is well underway and Winter will arrive before you know it. During this time of the year, millions of homes use fireplaces to keep warm. Using a fireplace is a great way to keep warm and gather the family around. However, it’s also dangerous. The National Fire Protection Association estimates there will be 14,000 house fires this year started by fireplaces.

There are several ways to prevent fireplace fires from happening, which is why we’ve created this infographic below. It’s important to stay warm and safe throughout the holidays.

Continue reading

What to Burn in Your Firebox

Now that you know how to distinguish one firebox from another, it can be helpful to know what you should and shouldn’t burn in your firebox. Burning wood creates the most natural and cozy feeling with its crackling sound and beautiful fiery colors, but there are other options for you to consider and others to set aside. Continue reading

outdoor fireplace

5 Tips on Hosting a Polished Summer Party

Soak up the last of the warm season by throwing an end-of-summer bash. We’ve put together some tips and accessories to help turn your party into a memorable soiree.

1. Add Festive Lighting

Add some character to your outdoor party with some hurricane lanterns filled with a beautiful candle to illuminate your backyard in style. Place them on a flat surface like the mantel of your backyard fireplace or hang them from tree limbs or porch rafters. (Consider choosing flameless candles for safety reasons). Continue reading

Featured image showcasing Old World Stoneworks designs

6 “Easy” Halloween Decoration Ideas – Mantels Edition

We love Fireplaces – they’re one of the few places inside a home where family and friends gather around and share everything – from interesting stories, to warm food, and gifts during the holiday season.

And for Halloween, it’s the perfect time to add simple and easy little touches to your Fireplace Mantels and make your family room spooktacular! There’s always a lot that you can do when you have plenty of time, but what happens when you need the room ready in a few hours. And under budget?

Here’s a collection of our favorite Halloween Decoration Ideas, for your fireplace mantel – which one is your favorite?

Continue reading

Using cast stone in an outdoor living space

cambridge outdoor fireplace

A question we are frequently asked is can our stone stand up to the elements?  As you can see by this beautiful outdoor installation of our Cambridge mantel, by Eichnlaub Co. , based in Pittsburg, Pa, that it is an enthusiastic  “YES”.  Our man made limestone’s original use was intended for outdoor applications due in part to the forming process which makes it more durable and stronger than natural limestone.  
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