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Fireplaces for Small Rooms

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Fireplaces are a great addition to any room, big or small. Since they can be architecturally overwhelming in small rooms, there are ways to incorporate them into a floor plan with minimal square feet. No room should be denied a fireplace and we have tips on how to choose and decorate around fireplaces in small spaces.

The Fireplace Formula

Even if your room is on the smaller side, incorporating a fireplace based on your ceiling height can help the fireplace look proportionately appropriate. Here are Old World Stoneworks, we advise clients to account for all variables.  How much space do you want to leave for foot traffic?  Will you need room for other movement, like a chair being pulled in or out?  A hearth can cause a tripping hazard if there isn’t ample room or foot traffic or if you’re considering adding a mantel to a small dining room. Deciding how much floor space you need will tell you whether you have room for a hearth or if you would be better off using your own material like the Carved Brentwood featured below.

Regardless of how small you go with your fireplace opening width, don’t forget about the surround. When you envision the design of your fireplace, be sure to add 12 to 24 inches on either side of the fireplace for a surround.

Decorating around a Small Space

Trick the Eyes

The trick to making your fireplace a seamless addition to your room is by taking advantage of the space around it. Have a lot of room above your fireplace? Add a large mirror just a bit smaller than the width of the fireplace to create the illusion of a bigger room and to complement the fireplace.


Think Proportions

Everyone wants to gather around a fireplace so it only makes sense that the layout of the room draws individuals to its warmth. Using proportionate pieces is one way to keep the fireplace in line with the design of the room without having other pieces overshadow it or have the fireplace overwhelm the room. To do this, use a coffee table that is about the same width or slightly smaller than the fireplace like the layout with the Fairmount Mantel featured below. Flank the coffee table with seating options that make conversation easy. Even the décor on your mantel should be proportionate—use smaller accent pieces to balance out large feature items like a mirror or painting.

Cast Stone Mantel Apartment Therapy Small Fireplaces

OWS Amhurst Cast Stone Mantel / Apartment Therapy: How to Furnish a Small Room


Utilize Your Space

Your fireplace mantel is precious real estate to for seasonal or permanent décor. The fireplace mantel is a place for you to express your personality and creativity. In Elle Décor, New York designer Celerie Kemble suggests that you, “break the symmetry and create visual interest by selecting a collection from a wardrobe of objects: two pretty planters, a pair of candlesticks, a clock and decorative boxes.”

How to Decorate a Mantel

Simply Mal


Another great way to utilize your space in a small room is to use the space around your fireplace. Adding bookshelves is a great way to gain more design and/or storage space.


Our easy to follow tips on designing a fireplace into a small room can be used just as well for big rooms. The best way for any design to live in harmony is by keeping proportion, space and layout in mind.

What are your tips for decorating in small spaces? How do you enjoy your fireplace in a small room?

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