capri cast stone fireplace mantel

5 Fireplace Seating Ideas for Your Living Room

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Now is the perfect time to look ahead towards fall and plan your most important home lounging space: fireside seating. At Old World Stoneworks, we’re connoisseurs of ways to curl up with a book, entertain, or cuddle our favorite canine close to the hearth. Your ideal fireplace seating depends on your personality and passions. Here are five ideas for the upcoming cool nights of autumn, to help you find your fireside personality:

Two Armchairs Pulled up Close

Do you enjoy spending your evenings in quiet pursuits with one special person? Whether you prefer reading with your spouse or knitting with your daughter, two armchairs pulled close to the hearth is cozy, warm and companionable.
conrad cast stone fireplace mantel
Two armchairs plus our Conrad cast stone fireplace mantel equals quiet, warm evenings together.

Your One Special Chair

Is your fireplace time your alone time? Do you have a special chair – maybe a fantastic fainting couch or super-relaxing La-Z-Boy – where you spend time reading, journaling or just thinking about the mysteries of the universe? Pull your seat up close, and luxuriate in your personal fire.
capri cast stone fireplace mantel
Our Capri cast stone fireplace mantel lends itself to your “me time.”

For Entertainers

Then again, maybe you’re an extrovert. If your idea of a good time is a home filled with friends and family, you’ll need loads of seating around your fireplace. The configuration below of two couches and two armchairs will seat eight adults. Drag in a few folding chairs for the extended family.
conrad fireplace mantel
Our Conrad fireplace mantel with lots of seating.

Built-in Seats

Historic home lovers will be familiar with built-in seats, which are commonly associated with Craftsman houses. With their super straight backs, they’re not as comfy as modern easy chairs, but they look great in older homes and use space efficiently. Their proximity to the fire is guaranteed to keep you warm.
classic built-in fireside seating
Classic built-in fireside seating.

The Coziest Rug

Sometimes less is more. Instead of sitting upright, maybe your fireside style is sprawled out on your favorite rug, cuddling a feline or canine companion.
Let’s cuddle by the fire!

At Old World Stoneworks, we salute all ways of enjoying your fireplace. You’ll have to determine the best seating for your lifestyle. But if you need help selecting a new fireplace mantel, we’ll be thrilled to assist you. Give us a call today, before autumn makes you want to light the season’s first fire.

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