Mid Century modern design cast stone fireplace mantel Conrad

3 Inspiring Mid-Century Modern Fireplace & Mantel Designs

Adding a mid-century modern fireplace and mantel is a simple way to achieve the undeniable timeless appeal of mid-century modern design into your home. Mid-century modern design is one that fully encompasses a sleek and simple appearance and doesn’t lack in luxury feel.

At Old World Stoneworks, our main focus is on creating inviting living spaces that are infused with cast stone elements that will never dull. Here are three inspiring designs that can help you incorporate the timeless and refined mid-century modern fireplace mantel design into your home:

The Manhattan Fireplace

Sitting at the heart of the Big Apple, the Manhattan will be the heart of your living space.
Mid-Century Modern Fireplace Mantel Manhattan

Like the city, our Manhattan cast stone fireplace adds all the luxe and glam to your living space. This sleek and modern design is sure to unify your space while showcasing your refined style. With its clean lines and modern design, this fireplace is sure to be the focal point of the room.

The Conrad Fireplace

A cast stone fireplace mantel design where form and function blend effortlessly.
Mid-Century Modern Fireplace Mantel Conrad

The Conrad cast stone fireplace is a perfect addition to your home to achieve a mid-century modern design. From its elevated base to the contemporary mantel, it will surely enhance a room with warmth and luxury. The timeless design is functional and can easily impact a room’s overall design.

The Urban Fireplace

A Cast stone fireplace mantel design that encompasses both mid-century modern and chic.
Mid-Century Modern Fireplace Mantel Urban

Just like mid-century modern design, our Urban fireplace is the perfect blend of traditional and modern elements. This fireplace fully encompasses the traditional curves of old-world décor, while infusing simple, yet sleek lines of modern city design. There is no question that this fireplace will be the center of attention at your next gathering!

In conclusion, these three inspiring mid-century modern fireplace and mantel designs are proof on how simple it is to achieve the mid-century modern look. With our beautiful, elegant, and versatile cast stone fireplace and mantels, a midcentury modern ambiance isn’t out of reach!

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