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Range Hood Styles For Your Kitchen

Depending on the setup of your kitchen, one style of a kitchen range hood will probably work better than another. Whichever kind of kitchen range hood you install, your kitchen air quality and atmosphere will improve dramatically! Range hoods for kitchens help to remove excess heat, provide additional lighting, make the air cleaner and generally improve your property value. Check out the main styles you will find when looking for the right range hood style to fit your kitchen.

Kitchen Island Range Hood

If your cooktop is situated on an island in the middle of your kitchen, a ceiling-mounted kitchen island range hood, also known as chimney hoods, will be the best venting option for this style of kitchen.

kitched range hood

Kitchen Wall-Mount Range Hood

At Old World Stoneworks, this is our favorite kitchen wall-mount range hood type and the one we specialize in manufacturing. Our beautiful cast stone kitchen wall-mount range hoods attach directly to the wall behind your stove. With our wide variety of styles, you can further individualize your kitchen’s look by adding a contrasting backsplash or paint color.Rhapsody cast stone range hood Rhapsody wall-mounted range hood

Under Cabinet Kitchen Range Hood

Under cabinet kitchen range hoods are similar to wall-mounted kitchen range hoods. But instead of attaching to the wall, these attach to the underside of a cabinet located directly above the stove. If space is tight, you might need a smaller hood to fit here. Or, if you can live without the cabinet, we suggest removing it to make more room for a large and beautiful wall-mounted range hood.

Interior shot featuring an Old World Stoneworks product UCH.

Downdraft Kitchen Range Hood

A downdraft kitchen range hood is rarer than the other types on our list. Hidden in the cooktop, they only pop out when needed. Downdraft kitchen range hoods can be a good choice if space is very limited, or for ranges located on islands as an alternative to a ceiling-mounted hood.

Downdraft kitchen range hood design.

Vented or Non-Vented Kitchen Range Hood

Regardless of the style of your kitchen range hood, you’ll also have to think about vented versus non-vented. Vented means your hood is connected to ducts which release the air outside. This works especially well when your hood is mounted on an exterior wall. Non-vented means that the air cycles through a charcoal filter, which traps irritants, and is released back into your kitchen. If you choose a non-vented hood, it is a best practice to change your filter every few months for optimal kitchen air!

Need help with picking out the best range hood style for your kitchen? Contact us today to get started on turning your kitchen experience into a luxurious one!