Wacky and Weird Fireplace Designs from Around the World

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Every jester and joker comes out to play on April fool’s Day. Such a jovial start to the spring season makes us wonder if there are fireplaces and designs out there as wacky and weird as the First of April itself.

Our global search resulted in a few interesting designs with a mix of old world character and modern flair, not to mention lots of color. Although intimidating at first, these unique designs can easily be replicated with a little bit of creativity and inspiration. Pick your favorite and let’s get to designing!

Dry Comedy

Dry Comedy Fireplace Ideas


This fireplace ain’t kidding around. Its angular lines and square design leaves us to believe it’s probably best for those who enjoy dry humor. What isn’t dry about this fireplace are its beautifully fluid lines that draw you in from one corner towards the firebox.

Slapstick Comedy

These fireplaces are perfect for those who love slapstick comedy reminiscent of renaissance fair jokers and even a bit of Charlie Chaplin. From the farfetched designs to, “is that even a fireplace?” these unique designs are sure to be a conversation starter, if not the point of a joke.


Octopus Fireplace / Sphere Fireplace / Diver Fireplace / Stone Fireplace

Sarcastic Humor

When a friend asks you, “Wow! Is that your fireplace?” and your response is, “No, it’s my neighbors,” then these fireplace designs are perfect for you. With a little bit of beauty and a unique design leading people to question if it’s a fireplace or otherwise, these mantels are the perfect complement to your sarcasm.

Sarcastic Humor Fireplace


Fireplaces to Fool No One

Blend classic designs with your own funky flair to add character to your home that reflects your personal style. April fool’s doesn’t have to mean jokes and jests. Twist it with your take on colorful spring colors, eclectic pieces and more. Introduce a mixture of textures, colors and pieces from around the world to create your perfect fireplace mantel.

Fireplaces to Fool No One

Trophy Fireplace / Trophy Vase / Neon Bottles / Seashell Fireplace / Seashell Decor / Colorful Seating Area

Which of these designs inspired you the most? Are you ready to decorate your mantel for spring? Share your ideas with us and let’s get inspired!

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