March 2016 Newsletter

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Company News: Spring Has Sprung

Flowers are blooming, leprechauns have returned to Ireland, and we’re making our way into April. Have you done your spring cleaning? Taken stock of the condition of your mantel and maybe even used a few of our tips for sprucing it up? We hope your spring home is tidy, healthful and happy.

We love to hear from our customers, and we need your help. Your beautiful project can inspire others. Since we’re in the beautifying business, we want to help clients envision how fabulous their houses can look. And nothing does this better than before and after pictures. So if you’ve installed one of our gorgeous mantels or range hoods,please share your pics with us. We’ll be featuring more projects from real live customers’ homes this year.

Expert Insights: Top Five Reasons You Need a Range Hood

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Our selection of cast stone range hoods add an aesthetically pleasing element to your kitchen. But a range hood adds benefits to your life way beyond beauty and sophistication. Here are the top reasons you need one in your kitchen.

1. Improve Your Air Quality
How does a range hood work? A fan inside a canopy perches above your stove, removing odors, heat, gasses and steam from your home and releasing them outside. This means much fresher air as pollutants and gas are expelled from your kitchen. Range hoods are a key ally in your fight against excess carbon monoxide. Exposure to carbon monoxide can cause flu-like symptoms, breathing difficulties, or worse.

2. Cut the Germs
Expelling all that bad air slows bacteria growth. This means fewer germs on your kitchen surfaces.

3. Cool Down
We all want to use less A/C, for both environmental reasons and to lower our utility bills. Along with gases and toxins, a range hood sucks out your stove’s heat. You will feel so much more comfortable in your kitchen.

4. Enhance Your Lighting
More kitchen lighting? Yes, please. A range hood shines light directly onto your stovetop, letting you see what you’re cooking much more clearly. This means you’ll also be able to clean more thoroughly. With the strong light of a range hood, dirt can’t hide in crevices.

5. Add Value to Your Home
If you think you might one day decide to sell your house, then you know it’s important to keep an eye on property value. These days, a range hood is a must to get maximum value for your home. Prospective home buyers love luxurious touches like one of our cast stone range hoods.

At Old World Stoneworks, we appreciate all the benefits of a range hood – from beauty to health to lighting. If you’d like to add this important feature to your home, we are ready to help. Call us today.

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