Valentine Fireside Romance

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Fireplaces have a reputation for putting people in the mood for love. A 2014 University of Alabama study concluded that watching a fire together lowers people’s blood pressure and makes them feel more relaxed and sociable. Matt Rossano, an evolutionary psychologist at Southeastern Louisiana University, says people are wired to get together around fires at night and converse.
camp fire
With Valentine’s Day at hand, it’s time to celebrate the romance of a well-tended fire.

Fires in the Movies

Fireplaces are staples of romantic movies. Characters kiss, propose marriage, unburden themselves of secrets, try – and often fail – to ignore their longing for each other, all with a toasty fire as their witness.

In The French Lieutenant’s Woman, the fireplace is almost a character in the film. A man and a woman are trying to deny their love for each other. But when the fireplace shoots out some ash, the man dives forward to put it out. His sudden proximity to the woman sitting before the fire is too much for them to handle…well, that’s the romance of the fireplace in action.

In Superman II, Lois Lane finally has proof that Clark Kent is really Superman when he trips and sticks his hand in the fireplace, yet comes away unscathed. And right there in front of the fireplace, in an over-the-top Niagara Falls hotel room, Lois confesses her love.

Jane Eyre, being a gothic romance from 1847, doesn’t offer instant gratification. In this scene from the 2011 movie, Jane thwarts Mr. Rochester’s proposal in front of a fireplace.

Setting the Scene

Your own fireplace romance will hopefully be more lighthearted than these film clips, excellent as they may be. To set the scene, we recommend a beautiful mantel, adorned with a bouquet or a few candles, the right music and perhaps a snack.
Get romantic with vinyl.

According to Billboard, the top five most romantic songs of all time are:

  1. “Endless Love” by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie
  2. “I’ll Make Love to You” by Boyz II Men
  3. “We Found Love” by Rihanna
  4. “How Deep is Your Love” by the Bee Gees
  5. “Silly Love Songs” by Wings

Of course, romantic music is clearly in the ear of the beholder. Perhaps your Valentine favors Frank Sinatra, LL Cool J or My Chemical Romance.

Most romantic snack? Again, consider your partner’s taste. But for 90 percent of people, high-quality chocolate is the best bet.
It’s hard to go wrong with chocolate.

We Can Help

Want to make your Valentine’s Day fireside scene as romantic and memorable as those in the movies? At Old World Stoneworks, we’re ready to help beautify your romance movie set with one of our new fireplace accessories.
baroque firescreen
Think how good our new Baroque firescreen in bronze will look in front of your fire, a few red velvet pillows strewn on the carpet. Give us a call today.

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